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Cool screenshot topic

I was wondering. Thanks @mitamata :hugs:.

The new Campaign Weapon
Wow its Amazing :grin:


Whats it called?

Blade of Morning.

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I will probably get it in 700 days or something. Bloody nice.

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Mini boss fight… without mini boss (no legendary present!).

2nd time already 3 times today

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Maybe the Hearld is supposed to summon her. :wink:


It must have been it!

But for the sake of making this game great again (pun intended) i filled up a bug report. It won’t hurt, if anyone from DEV team takes a look at it.

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Suncrest is week of feb 22nd which means we could see that weapon then…or within a year. I really hope they don’t lock it because the campaign will still be going on. (Least I think the campaign will still be going on).

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Thanks! Imagine if they change the date and remove the Suncrest. I want to see it with my own eyes, before I believe it. lol

As usual, it’s cold water time :cry:

Per the campaign start announcement:

Suncrest is the focus kingdom for the campaign in which the mythic and the weapon belongs, and that means similar to the previous campaigns that Suncrest is the final week of the campaign.

I’ll qualify this statement with the “not a dev” disclaimer, but I can probably say with 99% confidence that this is an intentional design choice. The devs are not going to allow players who did not obtain this weapon in the Elite pass for the campaign to obtain it so easily or soon after the campaign ends.


Yeep, it will be same as with Kurandara and Duskbringer parts. They will be added to SF, AFTER campain END. So on the Monday next ToD kicks in. Few moments after Suncret week is over.

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Personal best.


Jackpot! :roll_eyes:


This is the usual, if you are lucky you get a few 100 gold. :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

For some reason, those drops seem just right from “glitzersack” … but maybe it’s me…


Pretty good tribute if you ask me.


When your very reliable Guild Wars team loses to an inferior opponent.


Sometimes the shrine is worth it. :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue:


OMG, congrats!

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