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Contributing System for Guilds

Just some quick equations for guilds struggling with contributions and how to handle fairness or amount. Keep in mind the guides pertain to guilds with players that, of their own accord, donate more than the minimum. This guide helps to relieve them and get other guild-mates included in helping out a bit more.

Per request, this is an extremely short version of everything in the picture.

1st Version: (Very reliant on end game players, allows for more “noob” friendly requirements.)

Tier 1, 12 players: 750,000/week/player = 9,000,000 or ~110,000/day/player
Tier 2, 18 players: 370,000/week/player = 6,660,000 or ~53,000/day/player

This method would bring newer players in easier with a minimum requirement of 370k, as well as taking some of the weight off of the million dollar players. Ofcourse most of them don’t mind doing over 1 million so this creates a cushion for the remaining players of this tier, the same goes for tier 2.

2nd Version: (A more even contribution plan, allows for more fair rates, mid-upper grade player friendly, this version fits guilds that have radical contributions from a few end game players.)

Tier 1, 3 players: 850,000/week/player = 2,550,000 or ~122,000/day/player
Tier 2, 5 players: 650,000/week/player = 3,250,000 or ~93,000/day/player
Tier 3, 5 players: 550,000/week/player = 2,750,000 or ~79,000/day/player
Tier 4, 17 players: 418,236/week/player = 7,110,000 or ~60,000/day/player

This plan is a bit more fair to the mid-grade members, a slight relief from 750,000, but brings the last 17 members to a higher amount while still keeping them away from 522,000. This plan still relies more on the top 12 members with 8,550,000 to plan.


I have no real opinion on the matter, just a pedantic note: You might want to post this as text, as nobody will be able to search for your topic in the future, or quote you to reply to pieces of it.


Math, just math, lots of amazing math. Mathy mcmath math. Ok i am good. Can i get a summary of this topic, walls of text are imposing especially when they look like a word problem from a textbook for algebra 2a.

Same as @Lyya: please post this as a text, then we can refer to your post or find it easier

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I’ve summed it up a bit. take a look, tell me what ya think

done, please let me know what you think

Much better, thank you.

That’s good, now we can quote or link this post

thanks for this guide

Hmm… that all depends on degree of altruism in the guild… top tier players don’t mind subsidising our newer friends a bit… but…

@esslee what do you think?

I dont really have an opinion on this except to say I think it would be difficult to regulate 30 players contributing via different tiers. I think the way we do it works well for us.

And what’s your way of doing it? I’m just curious from a guild management point of view rather than any reasons of espionage, in case I get accused of that.

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I’d have to agree with Esslee. As a co-leader of a top tier guild and the person that does the paperwork, this sort of plan would cause me more work. It also makes the whole donation process more convoluted.


I find the gold contributions to be of a much lower concern for my guild, Seals are the real bear though. We in Audles pride ourselves as being casual-ish/newbie friendly, but the hard seals cap per member has really put a damper on our ability to reach 40k, and not churn through players. I would love to see some way to allow for the burden to be spread a bit more. I guess this is very off topic now… soz.

At Match Masters our minimum gold for membership is 300k. Maximum for tasks is 550k which most contribute - but if, by Tues morning uk time we haven’t completed all tasks several members will top up to finish off the last task.

Santa’s Big Gifts PS4 guild has a fairly lenient gold ruling in the works once guild patch hits.

Donate as much as you want as quickly as you want, trying to get at least 500k in every 2 weeks. As long as you make the 1500 seal requirement, gold is secondary and not required.

Since our guild will complete all tasks on the first day, it comes down to a race :stuck_out_tongue:

The only actual hard requirement is max seals each week. Of course our guild leader will watch for people trying to take advantage of this system and deal with them accordingly.

Thanks. We’ve abandoned this for our guild as it is too difficult to enforce. All the tasks get done quite quickly so it is difficult for some members to contribute.

[quote=“Draprion, post:16, topic:13893, full:true”]
Thanks. We’ve abandoned this for our guild as it is too difficult to enforce. [/quote]

That is the polite way of saying that we lack discipline and that I am too lazy to do more spreadsheets. :smiley:

Same for us.

Touché. And it’s kinda harsh to penalise people for contributing too much

my pleasure

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To me, any guild that wishes to rise to the highest ranks, doesn’t put its faith in the highest players solely. New players can become major assets in the near future. Nurturing and helping new players can lead to great success, hard work, and kinship. Any good guild leader knows that creating relationships with even the newest of players is of great importance for overall success. To a new player getting a chance to further themselves while having the back-up from a guild is nothing short of a blessing and many of them feel the need to give back to those who helped them. Altruism is created through relationships and relationships start with a simple act of kindness.