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Sure it’s only ME to blame for after almost 2 years of consistent negative experience I still appear to hope that the devs can do anything right. Just to be proved wrong. Again and again.

I am completely baffled how on earth a team can put in the field so many showstopper level bugs that are obvious by just playing the game for 10 minutes. Ever heard of the idea to try the frigging produce before the commit? If the programmer is too lazy to do that himself maybe hire a tester who will do that? Or if going the cheap way, open a beta program so a few hundred willing candidates can to it for free?

Just from the top of my haed a few issues I stumbled on the first minutes:

  • invade no longer remembers my used team – i have to select it every time. (possibly using the defend team for invade)
  • the ‘Defend’ button is gone, on the defend tab if I try to switch the defend team, it jut locks the interface, tab buttons and close not working, can only use alt-F4.
  • I played an esay offer then a hard and got the rewards for the easy again
  • the numbers and stats look completely out of whack (some other post suggests it a known bug).

In short the new pvp that is the main feature of the release put the whole system on its knees.


Why are you still playing this game???


Quite irrelevant, isn’t it? I’d be happy to quit if it made the bugs go away for others, but I doubt there is a connection. O,O


I assume it can’t be this bad then, since you are still playing this game? Nobody would had played a game after 2 years of consistent negative experience, so be honest and edit your post.


Honestly, you’re completely negative. All the time. I bet there are a dozen different people who were waiting for you to post something exactly like this.

There are bugs, yes, but you’re overreacting as per usual. Half of this stuff is going to be fixed in the next 24 hours anyway.

The patch has been out for how long now? A few hours? Give them a break.


After testing it with like 100 ai to check the ladder, tbh This is running alot smoother than i had expected and like i had predicted. I grabbed my popcorn and like clockwork hate for the update is rolling in slowly.


I thought for a change I deserved a break. My bad as mentioned.

Also there may be some fundamental difference in the culture. When I mess up and allow a bug out of the door, and the customer gets hit, I definitely not think he is being the negative. Also my boss will put the blame on me as the developer. I consider it my responsibility to push out working stuff.


Hi Pasa,

TL;DR - I agree, quite a few bugs in the new systems, many of them unforeseeable because of scale issues that have caused them. None of them absolute show-stoppers though. We’re all here, working on deploying fixes asap!

Longer answer…

Large software systems always have bugs, as I’m sure you’re aware, being a developer… games even more so, because of our tight deadlines & small budgets & the cutting edge that we often dance around on.

We’re quite happy to take ownership for the bugs - we’re here tracking them, everybody is working late to address issues that are their responsibility. As I often mention, even behemoths like Blizzard & Riot release with bugs that aren’t dissimilar to the kind of stuff we’re getting here - real time online systems with heavy loads create issues that can’t always be tested or anticipated by regular QA.

I’m of the opinion that every game dev team is going to create games with bugs, but it’s how you address the bugs and keep the community informed that is the most important thing.


I’d like your post, but I’m out of likes again ><

I completely agree with the statement. I’ve played a number of online games over the years and this is the area that separates the good teams from the bad. And you guys have generally been really good about it. Keep it up!


How do you run out of likes? Here is a like so maybe you can give sirrian a like. I love this game for its dev team and its community more than the pvp update at the moment. Wish i could play unrated and still get to tier 1 in pvp.


Unfortunately that didn’t let me have another like :frowning: I guess I’ll wait 49 minutes XD

I run out from using them too much. I use it as an agree button most of the time.


Oh on the topic of underwhelming that like situation takes the cake.


Haha I saw the post title and INSTANTLY knew the author!


You know I have only been on the gems forum for a little less then 3 months and I already know your name. I don’t think I have EVER seen you write something positive about this game. All I have heard coming out of your mouth is complaints.

If you have had a CONSISTENT negative experience for 2 years, why would you be playing this game at all? I know if I felt that way about gems I would have quit a long time ago.

When I think of you I imagine the gamer that complains about everything all the time. Who is NEVER satisfied and never throws a bone to anyone.


I think it’s more a matter of needing to vent frustrations. There are some very valid complaints about the patch, and I think it’s easy to focus on the messenger and miss the message.

Then again, some people are only happy when it rains. :wink:


I believe that you should! Please check out my thread and comment. I think you will agree with my sentiment @killerman3333