[Contact Support] Screen freezes on war bands intro

I was able to access the shop for a few weeks with no problem so I thought that was fixed, but today Luther was back.

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It still isn’t fixed!!!
I am so angry because I can’t get anything from the shop!

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This has been a problem on mobile devices, Xbox, and both Playstations for like a year and a half. How is this still not fixed?

Hey all,

If anyone is having issues getting trapped by Luthor in their tutorial or is missing the Warbands tab, can you please send a ticket to us in Support (incl. invite code)

That way we can look into your account data specifically to see what is causing these to be locked out.

They likely don’t have access to the shop (multiple reasons, usually intentional), which causes some of the purchase related tabs to not appear. There was some other bug report for this ages ago, it was supposed to have been fixed so the Warband tab always shows up, even without shop access. It sounds like some old code managed to slip back in, breaking this again.