[Contact support] Didn't get golden mark for a global top 20 PVP

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, PC

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
My guildmate didn’t get a golden marks for a top 20 PVP rank. Only get 120 for a 1st place in a league. After reset 13.05.2024 she only has +120 goldmarks

invite code:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It occures one or two times before. The last before was 2 weeks before

Steps to make it happen again

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@Kafka pay an attention, please :slight_smile:


Please contact support here and we’ll see what happened and get those Marks to you:


Same happened for me.

I was way up on the leaderboard and only got the 120 gold marks for reaching first place in my league.
Did not receive the leaderboard rewards.

But have no screenshots

Should have gotten 20 goldmarks and 4k gold

I’ve got this answer to my ticket from support. It’s kinda workaround how to awoid ths situation in future. But where is the marks from the past?

In PVP, you sometimes do not receive your PVP Global Leaderboard placement rewards in the mail.

Currently it is determined that the issue is likely caused by logging in very close (eg. within 5 minutes) of weekly reset.

As a potential workaround for the issue, if you do finish in the top 100, please try and wait at least 10 minutes after reset occurs to help prevent this issue

“To help prevent this issue…”


I mean make sure it works!

Reset is reset!

All other daily stuff and weekly reward for first place in league have been sent!
Why are leaderboard rewards so different that the system needs 10 min. after reset?
And I logged in 15 min. after reset…

Sounds like BS to me.

And yes: where are the rewards?
Nearly 7 hours after reset and they are still nowhere to be found!

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