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[CONTACT SUPPORT] Charged twice i was charged twice and i only received one

I was ordering one pack of gem it sent a error message saying restart the game and i did i still didn’t receive my item click on it again but this it did go through but only item but i did see my bank statement and it show i was in fact charged twice can you refund just one cause i did purchase one of the.

Message customer service/support, this isn’t a bug report kind of problem. I had a similar problem last year, they sorted it out pretty quickly.

If you’re on console, they can’t refund, you’d have to go through Sony/Microsoft as they’re the ones that handle the money, and they don’t do refunds on in game currency purchases, even in the case of a glitch like this. But GoW gave me whatever I wanted of equal dollar value.

If you’re on PC/mobile, you might be able to get a refund, I don’t know how it works there.

If that is true, do a chargeback.

Either way, talk to GoW support first. As @Dr_Killbrew said, this isn’t a bug. No one on the forums can help.

I wouldn’t recommend a chargeback, at least on playstation. I’ve read of people having their PS accounts disabled/locked because Sony assumes a chargeback means fraudulent activity (Sony isn’t exactly known for their quality customer service). Not sure how accurate that still is, but I’d wager a little extra gem purchase is much better than risking losing your account and all games tied to it.

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Ugh. That’s gross of Sony. :slightly_frowning_face:


Please contact support. Our agents can advise you on where to go from there.