Consoles to get 2x Troops a week?



From my count there are 9 Troops left from the last update (+ Imps) unreleased with 12 that came afterwards (next update).

Is there a plan to keep this gap from widening? It’s supposed to be shrinking


That’s not a question we’re willing to answer. You’ll have to wait and see.

(EDIT: But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long.)


Maybe you can release Mab early?? xD

I REALLY want to combine Mab with Jarl


It’s answers like this that has me wondering if the devs are a little giddy on the inside with the surprises awaiting the players that just help build the anticipation while we have to wait like a child on Christmas morning.


Oh I already know the answer. Half my posts to you guys are made to keep the community informed and to gleam little bits of information from your responses :wink:


Nope. You absolutely do not.

Wait and see.



It means they have something even better planned… I hope.


I may not know HOW you will close the gap, but I know that you will.

Never assume what I know or don’t know, secrets are hard to keep and I trust you guys aren’t stupid and have plans for everything.


Why is everything kept so secretive?

  1. Devs don’t generally disclose information until plans are finalized, in order not to raise expectations falsely.
  2. Devs sometimes keep secrets so as not to influence current behavior (for example, shying away from spending resources, or hoarding).
  3. Sometimes it’s fun to unwrap new presents when they become available, rather than spoiling yourself and having everything be old news by the time it is released.



Also, because patience is a virtue. I’m trying to make you all more virtuous. It’s very benevolent of me.


Also, it’s safer for developers not to reveal too much before they can deliver it. Otherwise, if something goes awry with what they promised, they will get a mob of people with pitchforks storming support and the forums.


Patience is also the best resource a player of GoW has :wink:


I’m a simple man, it’s happening or its not happening; black or white. Probably best off not even reading these types of threads I guess.

ps Lyya, your troop list is greatly appreciated, thank you!