CONSOLE: The Wargening

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Now is the time of the beast!

New Troop: Warg

While Kerberos may guard the Abyssal Gates, the Wargs are his servants, sent out to gather the Souls that feed their master.
Beware, because now Kerberos can summon Wargs too!

New Troop: Wayfinder

The most subtle and sly of the Wargare scouts are known as the Wayfinders.
In battle, they will harass the enemy from behind with hit and run tactics.
They are also excellent trackers, silent and stealthy; few creatures ever escape them.

New Legendary Troop: Forest Guardian

The Forest Guardian is an ancient ancestral spirit, inhabiting Maugrim Woods.
Ancient tales of the Wargare refer to the guardian as the companion of Wulfgarok, the First Wargare, progenitor of his race. It is said that together they tamed the woods, slaying the ancient Black Dragon Elemaugrim who had ruled the woods for many centuries.
It is also said that if anyone invades the woods, the Forest Guardian will rally the beasts and the Wargare, and perhaps even its ancient master Wulfgarok, to its side, to defend their homeland.

The Forest Guardian will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, Guild, and VIP chests in 4 weeks’ time.

New Kingdom: Dragon's Claw

Shortly after The Wargening event goes live, Dragon’s Claw will become available to unlock.

Dragon’s Claw troops will be appear in Gold, Glory, Gem, Guild and VIP chests once the kingdom is available; but NOT in Event chests.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox versions of the game.

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wow already, cool mini groot look funny

@Sirrian, thanks for giving us Dragon’s Claw, can use some keys/gems now :smile:

Any new mythic this week? @Sirrian

good! i use often kerberos, and lately, summon lvl1 warg was little bit annoying.
But I wonder, what about wulgarok : this buddy will coming soon or will be release in some month?

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Will the Bombot be added to the Gold Chest on Monday with the reset?


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Oh plzplzplz! Me want Bombots!

I think we’ll see two new mythics this week, just like what happened back in October with the update then. If so, it’ll be Abynissia and Gard’s Avatar if they’re following the PC schedule for releasing said mythics.

I obviously could be wrong and I’m happy we’re getting closer to the PC version! Certainly didn’t expect Dragon’s Claw as early as this since I thought it would’ve been available with the update and we would’ve had to wait until the last few days of December to get it, ha ha. Such a boost.

Time to use some of my resources as well :smirk:

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Forest Guardian doesn’t look like something I’ll like, Wayfinder looks alright but Warg looks pretty awesome!
Will the Maugrim Woods’ mythic troop Wulfgarok come to Xbox One (and PS4) this week or will it be much later in the future?

Wulfgarok will come to consoles in the future, not this week.

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Was I close with my above post in this topic?

Mythics will be moving to single releases rather than double releases. So Abynissia will be the next mythic released in the future.

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Can anyone give us an idea when the next mythic will be released on console?

Hi @Sirrian @Nimhain @GoldPhoenix0 i was wondering about the next event, what are your plan about the troop release, since next event reset going to be during christmas.

You guys are working this day? Or are you going to release new event a day before?

Also same scenario wîll happen on the next week it’s going to be the new year

Yes - we’ll be continuing weekly events right through Christmas & New Year


Nice something special for christmas? :slight_smile:

Wonder if there are new catch up troops in chests?

I hope Sirrian and the team drop a big sack load full of goodies on us all.

I’ve got my hands open and waiting.

arrrr. spend for 675 gems for buy 50 event keys… receive ghulvania unit… not cool!!

Yeah, I only spent 4 event keys and noticed that 3 of them were undead troops, and then I noticed the “You can win Werewolf” picture…