CONSOLE: Stoned in the Spire

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Last night we rocked!

New Troop: Obsidian Golem

What is it with mages, shamans, and sorcerers always wanting to make Golems out of the most dramatic, expensive, and indestructible materials available?
Here is our list of the top 10 things we wish some trailblazing wizard would construct a Golem from:

Number 10: The Cake Golem - With the added bonus of having multiple flavors
Number 9: The Whipped Cream Golem - Might go well with the Cake Golem too
Number 8: The Kitten Golem - Thousands of kittens stuck together, controlled by a hive mind!
Number 7: The Weed Golem - 420 Life Points but susceptible to burning.
Number 6: The Lint Golem - Belly button lint will finally have a use
Number 5: The Underwear Golem - Might finally explain where the missing socks and boxers go
Number 4: The Golem Golem - Very meta - a golem made up of smaller golems.
Number 3: The Chuck Norris Golem - Okay, it’s not a Golem, just Chuck Norris with a funny hat.
Number 2: The Beer Golem - Very handy for the post-battle celebration.
Number 1: The Bacon Golem - Bacon > Everything. Defeat him and eat him!

New Legendary Troop: Gog and Gud

Thrown out of Ettin society at a young age for being too stupid to remember which one was which, Gog and Gud grew up in an idyllic setting on the terrifyingly-dangerous slopes of the Broken Spire. They spent their childhood pranking each other by smashing large rocks on each others’ foreheads; this was easy, as neither of them ever seemed to pay attention to anything that wasn’t shiny. As they grew a little older, they progressed to playing Goose-the-Rhynax, but upon reaching adulthood decided the whole rocks-and-foreheads thing had actually been pretty good fun, so they took that back up again.

Gog and Gud are living proof that if you can survive 3-4 cases of major head trauma every day, you turn out to be mostly indestructible.

There will be a bonus troop, Lady Ironbeard, available in Glory Bundles this week.

Also being added straight to chests is the Rock Spirit.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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Cool nice catch up again :slight_smile:


Getting mostly yellow traitstones again. Last 5 battles, this is taking the piss tbh.


Another 5 yellow one after another. Minor, minor, arcane, runic, runic.

@Dan_ozzzy189 just pay attention to what Kingdom your opponent has set in PvP if Traitstones matter more than Trophies or Gold and chose one you need.

I believe they changed console to match the PC in the last update and it slipped by everyone until this post.

The question is: was it in time to make the next update??? or are we going to have to wait for an additional patch after the next one.

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So that’s what’s happened? The devs have said that we’re getting kingdom related stone drops in pvp? I’ve been playing since day 1 but where does it show opponent’s home kingdom please?

  1. The developers broke it on console (matching it to the way PC used to handle drops)
  2. The developers have so far NOT comment on this publicly.
  3. The symbol under the players PvP weekly Rank. And when you click on the Opponent along the top of the screen it will say “Whitehelm” or what ever their home Kingdom is set to.
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Thanks! I’ve changed to zhul’kari for people. I wish many others would change defence. I’m sick of valkrie /mab /justice etc from the same boring players with no imagination or skill every week.

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Random Traitstones now once more folks! Thanks Alpheon et al

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Any update on the console 3.0 update? I’m still itching for that Pharos-Ra fix. I have a lot of kingdoms I still need to get to level 5! :slight_smile:


GOW Community & Social Media Ninja
The 3.0 console update just got sent out today for approval. We don’t know how long this will take, but the process has been started. :slight_smile:


cha-ching! Thanks for relaying that @Dan_ozzzy189!


You might want to check out the console update thread. They actually shared quite a bit of information over there. It starts here, but there’s some additional stuff from Nim below.