Console Server Migration - Status & Updates

We’ll keep the status of the console server migration in this post, with notable events listed (most recent at the bottom).

  • Jan 23, 4:00pm GMT: Announcement that migrations will start in about 6 hours
  • Jan 23, 10:30pm GMT: Migrations have yet to start. Doing some fine tuning before we kick it off.
  • Jan 24, 12:30am GMT: Migration of XB1 servers have started. About 6% of XB1 players have been moved across to new servers.
  • Jan 24, 2:30am GMT: All XB1 players have been moved across to the new servers. If you were playing at the time, you will need to restart for the changes to have effect.
  • Jan 24, 4:00am GMT: An issue was found that was affecting XB1 migration for some users. We are deploying out a fix for it.
  • Jan 24, 5:50am GMT: All PS4 players have now also moved across to the new servers. If you were in the game at this time, please restart and you should be taken to the new servers.

Migration has started! 6% of players are being sent over… this is going to be a little slower than PC, as players need to restart the game in order to move over, and restarts happen less frequently on consoles, due to the nice way they leave a game in a “suspended” state.


The migration should now be complete. As all players start their games they will now be taken to the new servers.

We discovered on PC/Mobile that - due to the relocation of the servers - some players who were logging in fine before now had some problems, while others with prior problems were now logging in fine!
In most cases on PC/Mobile that seemed to resolve itself over the next 24 hours.

If you continue to experience issues from Jan 24th 11am GMT onwards, either add to the forum post Console Server Migration or contact our support team at