PVP - Server Error

Hi guys,

I´ve been having this error since yesterday.

Can you help? Does anyone has the same error?

What platform are you playing on?

I’m playing on PC/mobile and PvP is working just fine for me.

PS4. I have some guild´s friends, but they don’t have the same error. Maybe this can be an account error. I don´t know…

I put it under category Support (PS4 / XBox).

Ok, thanks!

Maybe it’s related to server migration on console? Try to read these thread:

Ya, I saw the same error was reported after the update. I hope they fix soon.

You are really good, huh?

I´m The Best! Polinho

I’m getting the same error any time I try to go into pvp. All other aspects of the game seem to work including arena. Mine just started today. Was doing pvp, won a match, and game crashed. Now I get the message whenever I try to go back into pvp. Playing on Xbox.

Same situation, they replyd my post in this topic:

But still without solution.

My botrher has the same problem since yesterday, playing on XBOX One.

Hey folks, @GoldPhoenix0 is just trying out a fix for the PvP Issue on Xbox (then PS4 is that works).
Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted if there are any problems.

Update on the fix from the Console Server Migration thread.

Issue fixed. Thank you so much.