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*CONSOLE* Reverse Winter Imp

This question applies to CONSOLE

Ok, everyone “loves” RNG debates so here is the abnormality. In another thread someone posted about difficult cards to obtain. I am reasonable convinced there is a small problem/bug with the table that controls Barbearius. (an EPIC Troop) on CONSOLE I’ve pulled a serious number of 50 chest openings.

It seems it is easier to get not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six copies of a single Legendary troop, upgrade it to Mythic before a single solitary specific Epic (of lower rarity) drops.

I do have a single copy of Barbarous I bought for Glory months ago, don’t know if this is interfering or not?

Also all the other Epics seem to drop to the point that it is relativity easy to ascend them up. Then disenchant extra copies above x4 when at Mythic.

I know there has been some difficulty keeping the Winter Imp out of the chest list on PC. Could the reverse be true, that somehow this one particular epic is on the flagged list not to drop from a chest? Could this also be possible that a bug only effects a portion of the console community?

Reminder: This question applies to CONSOLE

Sorry about the word CONSOLE everywhere, I just wanted to make it clear that this applies to the console version.

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Mine is Legendary now from chest drops. While there was a bug or sorts awhile back where Broken Spire troops were more likely to drop, I haven’t seen anything to single out the bear or any other epic troop.

By that matter I could say something about Paladin as I had 5 of some legendaries by the time I landed my first of a rare. So probably just bad luck.

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@Shiratori Paladin was my last Rare to Mythic, hmmmm

@Strat Barbearius is in Chests, pulled one 2 or 3 days ago.

Outside of new kingdoms, it’s my last to epic. Still have a way to mythic

I don’t know… about bad luck. I’m on track to have ALL the other Epic troops in the game to Mythic (16++ copies) before a single Bar drops from a chest.

For me, Paladin was also very slow to Mythic… yet it did drop on occasion.

I’m not talking about rare to drop I’m talking about 0 drops ever. Almost like its not on the list, or the Glory purchase I made goofed it up somehow. I recall initially there were problems with this troop on console, I just don’t recall the exact issues.

@Mr.Strange had something where Bul’Tauros wouldn’t drop for him for the longest time and eventually it finally did I’d say not more than a week ago now.

I’m not saying it isn’t unlikely but I think we’ve all had something that didn’t want to drop.

@Strat what console you on?

I’m on ps4 and got one from glory keys so there certainly still in the chests.