CONSOLE: Rage Against The Machine

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Especially when it’s cheating…

New Legendary Troop: Tesla

The Royal Adanan College of Engineers was founded many centuries ago by the Master Engineer, Erasmus Tesla.
Since then, the title of Master Engineer has been passed down from parent to child. The most recent family member to pick up the mantle is Alannah Tesla, inventor of the automated defense force of Adana, the Clockwork Knight, and their early-warning system, the Sentry Bots.

New Troop: Clockwork Knight

New Troop: Sentry Bot

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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Finally so excited to get Tesla. I am assuming she will only be available with event keys, correct?


@Sirrian ketra still confimed for friday?

@Sirrian @Nimhain mentioned somewhere else that it might take nearly until the end of this year to catch up with Mythics released on PC, and they will be released every three weeks (instead of 4).

Considering we will have a shortened time frame to save up for each one over such a long period of time can “something” be done to slightly assist console players. I am normally full of suggestions but in this one instance I don’t know what would help without out going overboard. I just want a reasonable opportunity to collect them all like PC players did & currently do.


lol love that intro


I think that’s Summer and Blade Arcanes!

I asked @Nimhain if they could change the exclusive time for 2 weeks and she said she will ask during next meeting, lol i guess they didin’t like the idea :slight_smile:

Smell like +25% Adana +25% mech lol people gonna hate boombot :slight_smile:

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Yes please run them on defense people. I need some quick easy wins this week. :grin:


Ha:) I really didn’t have that in mind either.

+. We would catch up faster in the long run
-. Two weeks is way to fast, we could easy run out of resources and then the Mystics would not stop till caught up!

I just don’t have a reasonable suggestion to make it possible and fair.

Yeah im affraid the only solution is give 1
Copy of each to everyone this friday then we are fully caught up :stuck_out_tongue: no need to wait at the end of the year


Give this man a job @Sirrian.

You would be employee of the year Ricky.


Tesla is good. Get her while you can …

Tesla is the bomb!

Get it? Because she makes mechs that explode? I’ll see myself out…



I thought you were the bomb @Saltypatra

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Explore bombot /Elspeth on warlord 4 = max seals very quickly this week.

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Gorgotha/Tesla/Alastair/Templar… Yeah, that might work… :sunglasses:

Oh, and @Sirrian? Check your PMs buddy. I made it to Minogoth.

Lol people listened to you i only see this in defense omg poeple don’t realise it’s an invasion team and not a defense team

Well easy win is always nice

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