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CONSOLE: Little Hunt on the Prairie

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-little-hunt-on-the-prairie/
He’s on the hunt, he’s after you…

New Troop: Wild Fang

As Sir David ETTINborough - the famed two-headed naturalist of Broken Spire - once observed: “In any healthy ecosystem, as the number of prey rise, so too do the numbers of predators”.
So it makes perfect sense that as we’ve seen a growth in the number of Wildfolk in Krystara, a new predator was about to arrive.

Welcome, Wild Fang!
Wild Fang is a Gnoll with a particular predilection for slaughtering Wildfolk; Centaurs, Raksha, Wargare, he doesn’t discriminate. Rumors abound that his parents may have been killed by an over-zealous Centaur Scout when he was just a pup. Gnolls tend to be mildly unhinged even with a good stable upbringing, so this may go a long way to explain the motives behind this slavering, murderous furball of pure rage and hatred.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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I think there was a similarly named pórn movie lol

Han’t dishern your point. Hould you elaborate?

…for now…until Sony approves of his change in diet…

Sony doesn’t approve anything :yum:

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Yeah, but you’ve got to give Sony points for consistency. Didn’t they also just reject all Mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim ReMastered.(this will probably apply to other games too). The problem was they are all FREE. So if Bethesda can’t get things approved what hope does a smaller developer have.

It’s quite clear that Sony requires a slice of everybody else’s pie.

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Epic troop and useful arcanes, brilliant.

I will take 6.

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I think you are thinking of little slut on the prairie

My god these troops are the bottom of the bowl.

I’d be genuinely curious what next week’s event troop is if the update isn’t released before then. I can only think of Summer Imp as being confirmed in that patch or earlier.

Probably should have got him during the summer… was the plan to wait another year?

The wild fang chest is bugged its got a gob chomper in the chest instaed of wild fang

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Same here. Why are there so many issues with the weekly event troops?

What traitstones? If arcane mountain please remove your post. I need them!!!

Arcane blood traitstone and minor fire straitstone


Worst case scenario

Wild Fang glitch on Xbox is actually a gob chomper!

I think you mis-typed the Duran Duran lyrics. You meant the Trogs. He’ll make your heart sing.

Apart from Alastair, which troops need arcane bloods? I can’t seem to find a list of troops /stones anywhere.