Console is really behind on the kingdoms and troops stuff


From what I’ve heard from guys on other devices, console gems of war is really behind. Is there a way to speed up the process? Something like having event troops per week of dumping in all new kingdoms all at once to avoid excessive update fees from console companies. Any information about this would be helpful.


well i believe part of the problem is all the updates is handled by someone else different and then they have to get their patches/updates approved by sony/microsoft or something along those lines the differences between console and pc never bothered me until 2.0 came out recently now i have basically given up on the console version and play pc


I’m a developer on the console side, and I don’t think it’s at all accurate to say that the console version is “really behind”

The economy of Gems of War is based on a steady release of new troops. Originally (or PC/mobile) it was every 2 weeks, then it shifted to a new troop every week.

When we released the console version about 9 months ago, we wanted to give the new console players that same opportunity to earn all those weekly troops. So we started weekly troop rewards that were similar to what the PC/mobile side had done. But actually, we did it faster & better - because we had the benefit of hindsight to help us. It’s like the PC version is stomping out a path through the snow, and we’re following behind. We started after them, but we’re actually making much better time, because we don’t have to take the missteps they did.

So the console side is deliberately trailing the PC/mobile versions by 1-2 months in terms of features. And in terms of troops we’re still about 4 months back, but catching up. Both of those delays are intentional, not based on some sort of workload issue.

Hopefully that makes things clear!


we have to be way way more than 4 months behind on troops… unless you guys come up with a faster way to throw out those event troops (2 per week once or twice a month would help.) we are never gonna get close to catchin up troopwise…


But we’re not! And as I said, the delay is intentional - it’s not a problem.


Plus the order isn’t necessarily the same. Say after the next patch, they could decide to release Bunni’Nog instead of Faunessa when they get back to Pan’s Vale or if they were to do a double, we might see Marilith and Naga Queen the way both came out the same week on PC.

They have a plan and much as we’d love to know what the next month’s worth of releases are, I’m sure they can’t tell us for reasons, some legal. So we have to wait until we see things unlocked.

I know Mr. Strange here is well aware of which 2 things I’d like to see next since I’ve been trumpeting them in about every console discussion. But Monday will be here soon enough.


I dunno what the problem with givin us some 2 per weeks is… the pc started doin it… we will soon have nearly all the troops in the game I dunno why catchin up a bit faster would be such a problem for the “economy”…

lookin at @Shiratori 's thread I think we are missing 28 event troops with 1 of em bein a double release… so that’s 27 weeks (over half a year) unless theres plans to get us them faster?


21 as some would come with a kingdom release and also treating the double release as 1 and excluding the imps cause they shouldn’t be coming anytime soon. That would be closer to 5 months but again without knowing their internal schedule, that very well could be a 4 month plan.


kingdom release event troops count as they eat a week…

and yea I coned imps… cuz why not low priority ot not we are behind on em…


I did count the kingdom with the event. The main difference is the imp count. Also, I had included War with Glacial Peaks since the troop was otherwise just made live at the same time.


war doesn’t count I mean we don’t have him but hes not an event just added to pool like new kingdom troops…


This could also explain the double troop releases on the pc/mobile side to give the console side more breathing room as they approach 2.0 update.


2.0 features are 2 patches away.


True, considering all the bugs of 2.0 though and 1.9’s coming soon™ time is on the console’s side to get things implimented smoothly.