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CONSOLE: Guiding Spirit

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-guiding-spirit/
Join the Ancestral Spirits in the Divinion Fields!

New Troop: Astral Spirit

The Centaurs of the Divinion Fields worship their ancestors, whom they believe reside amongst the many stars in the sky.

Occasionally, through magic, or great force of will, those ancestral spirits can be summoned down to earth. Often they are called upon to protect the Centaurs’ homeland, but sometimes it is simply their wisdom that is sought. When summoned, they appear as bright blue glowing spirits, who can remain for only a few hours before they must travel back to the stars.

New Troop: Moa

Moas are strange flightless birds found in many parts of Krystara, but in the Divinion Fields huge herds of them are often seen running together like a sea of moving color.

Sadly they are also extremely delicious. Nature is indeed cruel to make an animal so easy to see AND so tasty that no predator could EVER pass one up!

Fun Fact: A group of Moas is called a “Rainbow of Moas”!

NOTE: Due to some recent delays in the last update with Microsoft/Sony, we’re just re-evaluating our schedules, so we’re not adding any bonus troops into the mix this week (either purchasable for Glory, OR available in chests*)

EDIT: Disregard the NOTE above. After reviewing our schedule today, we’ve found that we can get you at least one more bonus Glory troop every week up until the next update… this week: Spirit Fox!

Please note this Event only applies to Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

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@Sirrian, what are the bonus troops, or only 2 this week?


astral spirit is new?? i already got her

You sure about that? It hasn’t been dropping and this is the first time anyone has confirmed it’s been dropping since the update, and also throws off the 226 troop count that was agreed upon as the current console total excluding Summer Imp.

i confirm i got her she is already epic and i got 15 copy of her, i can’t take a screenshot right now cause my phone is on the charge

edit: sorry i just looked again and it is not her lol it is snow spirit, the picture is almost the same

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The gap widens! :thumbsdown:

The gap actually stays the same, PC/Mobile got 2 new troops as well.

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Until Friday when PC/Mobile gets a new mythic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Sirrian or @Nimhain

  1. Thanks for the update!
  2. As Tacet asked… what about the other troops offered for Glory?
  3. What troops if any were added directly to the chests?
  4. Any “estimate” as to the next update/patch will be deployed. I don’t intend to hold your feet to the fire, I just like knowing.


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10 character


Ah well, maybe next weeks is better.

This would be a good week to mail Des and that free troll out.

Ah, Astral Spirit…I miss your crazy OP-ness…


How many true damages she does when she is mythic?

We’ve actually reviewed the release schedule this morning, and found that we can put the Spirit Fox up as a bonus Glory troop this week AND we should be able to get you at least one more every week up until; the next update!


So 3 per week untill update? Sound good

She does 7 base True Damage, plus your kingdom Magic, plus 1:3 Boost from removed gems.

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Thanks too bad she use blue, it would be good combo with korvash

Come over to the pirate kingdom spoiler thread if you want to get an early look at the thick head, huge, tentacles.

She can be a decent answer to Mercy (who now has a lot of answers) as she can remove yellow or purple before Mercy can go. But Astral Spirit is a shadow of her former self. (No pun intended?)

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