CONSOLE: For Great Science!

Thanks for reposting this, I would have missed it otherwise. Anyhow… Ii invested the Souls and Traitstones in DB,B,B,BM. Did not spend Glory beyond (Blue) Ultra-Rare for Bombot.

Even with the bug on console for Mech class not getting +5 Brown Magic this team is a fun change of pace for PvP Invades.

Thanks again. Great Event video.

Oh, I also spent 1,350 Gems on the Event Chest to get the new Legendary: DRACOS 1337. I don’t know if that is in the average but it seemed expensive for targeting one troop. But… I have it :smiley:

I must have that DRACOS 1337!

Is he good?

He’s in the Event Chest if you’re willing to spend the Gems (or Event Keys)…

Opening those Event Chests are pricy though: 675 (vs 450 for Gem)

Personally, I just try to get one of everything. But here is a video:

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Does technomancry stack on mass combos or just hit once? That stuff is rad.

magic class is more fun with bm >:] Oh btw how the hell do you have 29 magic.

Why I cannot add two bombots at the same time to my Team? Is there a restriction somehow?

You need 2 copies to add 2 troops. Buy another pack from the Store, and don’t ascend all of them.


Not sure if this has been reported… but NPC with the Life Drain trait remain on the board when I kill everything with Bombots and the match ends.

Even worse… I don’t get any XP for them… sometimes I only get credit for 1 kill.

Appears to be related to how your code does event handling.

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This bug has been reported on PC/Mobile a number of times. So, I guess it must be a general code issue since consoles have the problem as well.


I am not an active player on the PC version of the game. It is interesting that the bug appears on both platforms.

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I tried it on console and it’s a great fast team but i don’t recommend to use against kerberos cause boombot kill himself and if he kill keberos he will summon goul so you can be in trouble 4 troops againts 2

I’ve seen people running this on defence and I don’t really see the point. Deep Borer or not, you need so much brown to power up both bombots and manacles that so far, no one has managed to even fire off more than a single bombot on me. How is this supposed to work? Is it just “hope that something ridiculous happens when Deep Borer fires and somehow it fills everything up?”

It is a good invasion team but i would never put it in defense :slight_smile:


I don’t even know why people are using said team for defence since it’s clearly a team to use for invades. Whatever, though.


You need the mecanical class fully traited so all the team start half mana and only need 1 deep borer cast to fill both boombot and hero

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I can see how that would work, especially on explore. Sounds risky in PVP though.

It working fine depending of the team