Console: Broken Tasks

“Win 3 Revenge Battles: From the Revenge Menu, successfully counter-attack 3 times.”

First problem: There is no “Revenge Menu” anymore.
Second problem: Playing against Revenge Teams in PVP doesn’t count as a Revenge Battle for this task making it impossible to complete it.

Is this in the known issues list?

I’m not a console player, but I recall seeing a topic about this issue a while back, found it for you, I hope it helps:


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I find that if I play 3 explore battles, it fulfills the task and I receive the reward. I know it is not a “revenge” but it provides the results I was after anyways. :smirk:

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I completed this by doing 3 explore battles! Very easy!

I’m having the same problem. I don’t have a revenge menu any more. I have ranked, casual, stats, battle log, defenders and leaders. I tried going to battle log to fight revenge’s since there were no other options and when I fight the ones that I’m guess won the invasion it doesn’t give me any kind of credit for it. At all. No exp, no gold, nothing.

There’s no longer a revenge menu with the new update, you’ll see people with a little red revenge title in the middle of their profile pic while you play through ranked (if they come up in your list). Fighting people from the battle log won’t count as real fights but nothing happens if you lose to them either.

YeahI just went to explore to get that task done.

They need to fix that because I have been getting that task every 5 days and I’m getting highly tick off about it.

You’re getting a “win 3 revenge battles” task? I don’t remember getting that one recently - does doing battles in explore still work?

No, that [quote=“Stan, post:10, topic:15982”]
“win 3 revenge battles”

task got nerfed.