CONSOLE: Bishop to King 4

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New Troop: Bishop

The Bishops of Gard are the regional leaders of the Faith of Gard. Each province surrounding Whitehelm has its own Bishop, answerable to the Arch Bishop in the capital.
A Bishop has many jobs beyond being a leader of the faith, including acting as a magistrate, and also as an advisor to local Lords and Nobles.

New Troop: High Paladin

Unlike the Bishops, the High Paladins remain in the capital of Whitehelm, each one leading a company of knights, who can can ride out at a moment’s notice when aid is required.
The High Paladins, answer only to the King himself, but are otherwise quite autonomous, and will often deploy themselves either at their own whim, or the whim of the Arch Bishop.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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Ooh, time to get Whitehelm to 8 stars! And arcane blood and plains stones…both useful for me.


So Gard’s Avatar may appear in event chests… After Ketra’s exclusivity ends… Maybe?

I believe Gards Avatar can drop from event keys this week actually. But I could be wrong.


It did when this was the pc event but Ketras the Bull is supposed to be the exclusive Mythic on console for a week so til next Friday.

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Play safe when burning Event Keys like a spendthrift for a specific Kingdom Mythic.

I believe weekly exclusive Mythics are only exclusive to Glory, Gem, Guild and VIP chests only. Nothing about it being exclusive to Event chests too unless it’s the Mythic of that kingdom.

Can @Sirrian verify this so it can be put to rest?


This is certainly true on PC/mobile. I don’t see why it wouldn’t also be the case for console.

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Devs have previously confirmed event keys ignore the mythic exclusivity weeks.


Perfect! Now console players can sink all their event keys into trying to get Gard’s.

Unless we sank all our keys last week trying to get Tesla…

Luckily, I already have Gard. But it’s tempting to spend some keys targeting the glory troops in lieu of using glory to help them get to mythic.

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You beat me to it!


Hopefully I can score Gard. I’ve been sitting on the traitstones for him for months… :weary:

It took me a full two(?) weeks to get this pun.

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“aaaaight, let me just waste fifty keys trying to get an useful mythic”

Guaranteed dropping from event chests!


Congratulations! I hope you have the arcanes ready

This week is unusually synergistic.
Templar 25%
Paladin 50%
High paladin 50%
Gard 50%

4 Whitehelm
4 knight
3 divine
Not that I recommend that team…

not really important, but it is possible to say to the people who take care on french translation, on this game, to translate in french, new unit? since couple of week, new unit have everything (name, quote…) still writing in english. Not big deal for me, but some people (include my son) dont speak english. thank you.
and dont forget spider swarm and orion unit. not translate since 1 year (around). :wink: