CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Ketras the Bull

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New Mythic Troop: Ketras The Bull

In times of great need, the Soothsayers of the Wild Plains can summon the might Ancestral Spirit of Ketras the Bull to lend them aid.

Ketras appears as a mighty winged bull, wielding an axe as large as a Tauros Chieftain. It is said that with every swing of his axe, he can sweep aside a dozen lesser foes.

Please note this Troop is currently only available in chests for the week on PS4 and XBox One.

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Using Ketras doesn’t give me wings… Do not like.

I used 20 gem keys and I didn’t get him, I’m devastated.


Yeah, no interest here. Will save for the upcoming Dragon mythic


it gives you bat-wings decoration that you can hang in the closet of your collection

luckily he is suppose to be buffed with adjacent damage in an unknown future :slight_smile:

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That’s about a fair value for him. :wink:

I wanted to collect the Mythic so I spent: 5,000 Seals, 600 Gem Keys, 1,400 Glory Keys and I got him. Too much for Ketras specifically, but a reasonable number of Keys for a Mythic.

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Nimhain was very tight lipped with the actual buff @Rickygervais and I both asked her for the details on a different console thread last night, no luck. I suspect the “buff” its not quite fully locked in yet.

Me being the collector that I am I was able to get him but it cost me, a LOT. I am hoping he becomes more useful after the buff and can be a part of my guild wars teams.

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What’s your definition of “A LOT”?

That’s not entirely true…


He actually already is quite good in GW, Goes to 100+ damage quite fast with a couple of red matches, a good assassin, Problem is Famine just counters him, but then again Famine…

More than 10k gems.

@Nimhain I stand corrected :slight_smile:

I was hoping for the actual planned change to Ketras. But I understand if its not locked in you can’t say for sanity sake if you had to change it later.

Are you going to reduce the primary targets damage, buff it a little, or keep it?
50% or 100%? to each enemy above and below?
Reduce the Mana cost
That kind of thing.

So 10,000 Gems is like 220 VIP chests. Assuming a 1% drop rate for a Mythic from that particular type of Chest gives you 0.99^220 or an 11% chance you might have walked away with No Mythic at all after your spending spree.

Congratulations, the glass was “89% full” after all. :wink:

Spent almost 400 glory keys, and even used about 1,450 gems and over 4,000 guild seals, wasn’t able to obtain Ketras. Oh well time to stock up on gems & glory keys again, Ketras wasn’t the best mythic anyway.

If you only had those kind of resources and weren’t that bothered about him, why bother using them for a relatively poor mythic in the first place? I’ll probably wait for elemaugrim, and even then I might only hoard glory and gem keys and save my gems.

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I pulled one with 2 VIP keys. Random happens.


2k glory keys, 700 gem keys, then hit him on the 2nd batch of 50 VIP keys.

Just pulled with one VIP chest. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.


I only did it to just try to get Ketras in my troop collection, honestly I’ll should have wait for the other mythic troops to return to the chests so I can try again, these are the other mythics I don’t have in my collection:
War, Famine, Drakkulius (forgive me if I misspelled his name), Abynissia, Jotnar, and Pharos-Ra.