CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Infernus

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New Mythic Troop: Infernus

Long before Luther and his Dragon Knights landed on the Broken Spire, long before Sheggra first hatched from her egg, even long before the Broken Spire… broke, there existed a Fire Elemental named Infernus.

Infernus lived for a thousand years, content in his deep cavern below the surface of the world; Fire Elementals are not complicated creatures - if it hadn’t been 1000 degrees in his home, Infernus would likely have invented the Margarita, the Banana Lounge, along with various plush robes and comfortable slippers. It is widely believed that Infernus would never have troubled the surface-dwellers at all, except for… the Dwarves.

As always, Dwarves do what Dwarves do best - dig until they find something shiny or valuable (preferably both), and then leave to take it home and squabble over it. King Firefist of Karak Lorgrim was no exception; travelling unusually far afield - on a boat of all things - he spied Spire Island, and immediately set his miners to digging. Over the next 100 years they became quite wealthy, which served to attract all manner of beasts able to cross the nearby seas, including Goblins and Ogres. Giant invaders aside though, it was all going well for Old King Firefist, until his Dwarves uncovered a deep fiery cavern filled with Flame Rubies. They quickly liberated said rubies and returned to their king to show their prize.

Unbeknown to the Lorgrim Dwarves, these were Infernus’ rubies. Only a Dwarf could travel 500 miles with single-minded purpose and tunnel vision enough to miss the fact that an Ancient Fire Elemental had blown the top off of a mountain and followed them home. Needless to say, centuries later, Karak Lorgrim lies in ruins, its halls charred and burnt, and its occupants largely forgotten. And Infernus once again lives in his cavern with his precious Fire Rubies.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PS4 and X Box One.

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first! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




3rd is the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

More devs than players in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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…C-C-C-C-OMBO BREAKER!! :slight_smile:

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2 weeks again. :upside_down_face:

1500 glory, 210 gem, 5200 seals and 250 vip.
Vip suck guys!
Only got just under 7000 gems left, so for euryali I’ll be opening gem chests. I hope it’s worth it.

Got it in the first 50gem keys. Lucky! But I’m probably the only player in this entre game to have run out of celestials. I have Infernus, I have the arcanes, but not enough celestials for the 3rd trait. Grrr

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I’ve got almost 200, I hope you can use them for crafting

Congratulations to those that manage to get him, he’s a really fun troop to use!


Spent all my glory keys, gem keys and guild keys, thankfully first 50 VIP I grabbed him, back to saving.

No new mythic for pc today?

nothing for PC, booo, though we still have some saving up to do.

be sure to get him though, he’s good, one of the better mythics around.

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Just have to say Infernus is one of the better Mythics out there - definitely worth getting and traiting, especially if you also have Elemaugrim. He’s even good without Elem, his dmg may seem small at first but it piles on faster than you think.

Darn, I wish I didn’t spend all them gems & glory keys yesterday!
Infernus looks quite decent, any teams that work well with him?

As mentioned, anything with Elemaugrim (if fully traited) is awesome. Rock Troll/Dark Troll/Infer/Elem is classic. He’s also fun to use in Guild Wars, I currently have him in red/purple/yellow days.

Gotta say I didn’t see this one coming, pleasantly surprised.


Did you got him? :slight_smile: