CONSOLE: 3.0 Patch Notes

When is update released? I’m assuming tomorrow morning? Friday 12/5/2017 7:00 AM GMT?

I think it’s out already…

What I was thinking but no update for me atm :confused:

Which platform? It might be something like Sony has pushed it but Microsoft is being slow or something.

Yep! been working on my hero wins, and reporting bugs. I’m on the X1.

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Here ya go! Some more info about release!

Is rolling out on Xbox now, if you are on PS4 it should be very soon from what the devs have said earlier.

Thank youuu 6:00 tomorrow afternoon I so can’t wait to be finished from work :smiley:

O.o judging by the reply from Ozball it seems that it’s 18:00 BST confuseeeeeeeed lol

PS4 has just starting publishing, so PS4 players should be seeing the update shortly. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming Alpheon meant 5pm PST today… meaning an hour ago

Annnd sniped by @Alpheon himself

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Whilst you about @Alpheon is the bug fixed where certain spell affects doesn’t affect hero? (Best example I can give is forest guardians ability doesn’t give a hero which is labelled as a beast/hero does not recieve barrier?

Yes that should be fixed :slight_smile:

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Also we get continuous music (sorta… interrpt myself there for the beautiful startup screen! <3 you guys

Interrupt* and yeah continuous music during battles like PC has?

Unfortunately we haven’t touched music really this update. Improving our music playing is on our list though.


Thanks for the headsup and continue doing a great job :smiley:

@Alpheon and Devs : Nice job with listing the Kingdom under the Banner Name :slight_smile:

Should help new players with their Tasks nicely.


Thank you devs for more new achievements!