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Console 2.1.5 Update Sneak Peek

Glad to see we’ll be inundated with messages about every legendary found when we all open our accumulated hoard of keys…

I’ve got 43k glory keys to open, ha ha. I’ll try my best to spam the feed with my name!


i though it was supposed to be removed? anyway i don’t care just bring it on :slight_smile:

Your PVP rating is really going to suffer for the days that it will take you to open all of those!

Or you can get one of these to do it while you sleep:


So we don’t even get one new kingdom on console? Guild tasks changed and that’s mostly it?

The Patch Notes for the new update is now available on this post!

Store is working for me now, I was also one of the people who could rarely ever access it, so lets hope it stays open.


We want to the patch to go out first and settled, before we release the next kingdom.


There it is ladies and gentlemen!!! Update live on xbox one!!!



Is there a way to disable that global chat?

You can choose to disconnect from chat, but that will also disconnect from guild chat.


Thanks for the reply. Cheers

How about some new achievements? That would get me back in the game.


Good luck with that, lot of people asked for it but the process of adding achievement is a real pain for f2p

Sure, especially for games like Smite, Neverwinter, Project Spark, Xbox Fitness, World of Tanks, Happy Wars, and WarfrMe. I’m sure they had a super difficult time introducing new achievements over and over and over again.

To be honest i have no idea how difficult it is, i’m just giving you the answer we got so far


@Rickygervais Is just re stating what the develops has said on the forums in the past. They did not rule them out, just said they are difficult and not a priority at this time.

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Adding new achievements/trophies into the game is something we are interested in doing, but as @Rickygervais has mentioned, there is a bit of a process to add them in, and there is a lot of red tape by Microsoft and Sony about how many we are allowed to add and how often. As per the last set of achievements/trophies, we can only add a similar amount to these packs per “major” content update. These also require further testing by Microsoft and Sony for approval, so for the past couple of updates by Infinity Plus Two, we thought we would prioritize trying to get the patches out sooner with less hurdles. We are looking into adding more into a later update, but we are waiting until we run into less issues with Microsoft and Sony before we look into it.


Ah okay. I didnt realize the devs have looked into it and decided against it. @rickygervais just made it seem like it was impossible for f2p games to add achievements when there’s a ton that have done so successfully in the past. It definitely is possible. Smite especially has been great about this by adding new achievements with nearly every character add.