Console 2.1.5 Known Issues

I can confirm that was the case.

Spotted on the PS4 version:

  • My Guild Chat window displays the Announcement at the bottom of the chat screen. However, I have no clue how to change/delete the Announcement. (Announcement has become obsolete?)
  • On Guild -> League the screen first show the League list with the focus at the bottom of the list, and then after a second or two it will set the focus to our guild. (slight delay bug)
  • I had to play a few matches of PvP to see my guild rank from Champion I go up to Elite III (our guild has 30804 trophies). I guess it might be update correctly/immediately after a daily reset?
  • Sorting on the Guild Roster screen is ASCending instead of DESCending (so the person who contributed/earned the most is at the bottom of the list, instead of on top).
  • When I buy something from the store, it connects me to the PSN store (my PSN store is Belgium); I get correct invoice mails on my mail, but I don’t receive my bought stuff immediately. I tried switching off and on again, but that doesn’t help. I guess there’s a delay between the PSN store and the application receiving the bought items? (If I haven’t received them after a day or so, I’ll submit a ticket)
  • The mastery on the Guild Statues is displayed incorrectly; if you look on the Hero Screen you will see that the Guild Masteries are applied correctly (Display Bug on Statue Screen)

If I’ spot anything else, I’ll let you know!

But BIG BIG thanks for the patch and I am very happy that my Maw can eat these pesky 4-Miststalker teams again :smile:


UPDATE: Apparent the Announcement of the Guild can be changed in the Guild Admin screen. Good to know; disregard the bug mentioned earlier.

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Apologies, this is fixed now. Your guild statue overview will display the correct mastery values now.

@PowerPlay: Well that’s concerning D: Are you on US or EU PS4? We’ve tested the guild store tab being empty in-house and we didn’t encounter the freezing. Is it possible to upload a video or screenshot?

@Carolilya: Was just in the middle of replying to you when you posted the update XD Thanks for the reports!
To address a few of them, you should receive your purchased items pretty much straight away when returning to the game. If they don’t pop up after playing a few games or returning to the store/restarting the game, please send a ticket in. If any errors pop up please let us know as well.
If we had the event system on consoles right now I’d push to have an event for killing the Mist Stalkers in revenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhh… I was doing a PvP match and this happened

Also it appears that people who haven’t logged in yet since the update appear faceless in battle.

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Looks to me like the first guardian statue bonuses are not being applied (am on PS4). For instance, should be getting +5 maps but still starts at 8, not noticed any change in XP/souls/glory either. All my guild’s guardian levels are at 86/87 but don’t seem to be getting any of the associated bonuses.

Perhaps I misunderstood how the Statues worked. We are just under Level 100 for each Statue and as far as I can tell none of them are active. Tribute??? (who knows). 45% XP, no. +5 Map Turns no, 9% Tribute bonus, no. 45% Soul no. glory +1, no.

Are those bonus active all the time, or only at Task 12 for the week?

If that’s the case, 99.9% of the player base will never see these bonuses.

Looks broken to me, the first bonus should always apply because you have levelled up the statue, the second one is dependent on donations. Unless I am also getting it wrong lol.

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You’re correct. Second one only applies when finishing all tasks for that guardian, but the first should be active.

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USA in reality, but as my pony self, I like to think the game found its way to Equestria.

So US PS4.

Text appair twice in the chat it’s irritating

Hi everyone,

In regards to the guild map turns bonus, this should be fixed with a game restart. The other bonuses should still be applying, however their bonus amounts are not reflected in the bonus percentages on the world map. This is only a display bug.

The AI still on rare occasions will pass up Skull matches to take a 3 Gem match. Not that this needs fixing, it keeps things interesting as you can’t bait the AI as easily. Just mentioning it.

Could this be due to the AI tweaking that got implemented?

I saw several time AI make a cast when there is skulls on the board, before the update it never happened so i guess it is because of the customisation

Any way to remove the notification in global chat? Cause i don’t really care if someone i don’t know catched celestia or changed any card in mythic

  1. Nice, The Green Guardian is working for extra Map Turns now.
  2. I just tested the Brown Guardian, I’m just not seeing any extra Glory added to my raw total. Based on pre and post battles totals. (not the end of battle splash screen summary)
  3. It too late to test the other Guild Guardians,… tomorrow.
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I’m the same. Apparently you have to log out of chat, but then you lose guild chat

I left the game idle after winning a game but not pressing X, came back to the game and it had frozen. Maybe a controller disconnect issue or just a random freeze?