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Console 2.1.5 Known Issues

Thank you, we’ll hopefully have this fixed soon. Sorry it’s happening in the first place though. :frowning:

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Quest line still crashing alphaeon when baby dragon cast spell. It didn’t crash in the arena though.

Since I had intent to purchase glory packs(Wayfinder and Warg), if the shop isn’t fixed before the event switch, can I receive one of both troop as compensation?

There is a bug with kerberos, everyone in his team was dead exept him and he did his cast and didin’t kill my troop but still summoned a warg

edit: there is the video

Opening a support ticket with our support team and they’ll help you through it. Even if the event passes they’ll get the pack out to you.

@Rickygervais: That’s interesting. Believe I have an idea of what that is. Weird set of circumstances, luck, and traits. Looks like when you attempt to devour a troop that is impervious to devour, the on-kill traits get triggered. Can fix this in the next update. Thanks for the video :slight_smile: really helps a lot.

@Dan_ozzzy189: I’m still investigating this. Hopefully won’t require a client update.



Hey, here is a Task bug one a player posted in a new thread. I didnt want you to miss it. So it can be included in the main list.

Thanks for bringing this over here. :slight_smile: Just put out a fix for this - restarting the game/relogging in should change the troop type required.

Kerberos Gate Guardian

Gate Guardian summons 2 Wags whenever and enemy dies. (at least he does on Defend, haven’t tried him for Invade yet).

Looks like this is related to the bug that @Rickygervais reported. Console is not spared on death trait shenanigans it seems :frowning:

So I believe we’ve found what’s causing this. Unfortunately it looks like it will require a client update to properly fix. It won’t affect PvP or Arena battles, but looks like when the AI attempts to transform in Explore, Quest, or Challenge battles, this may happen.

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New bug to report, I completed a task and the “Task Completed” message stayed up until I exited the game. I took a video where I completed another task and the newly completed task message just goes over the old one:


Suddenly the shop works now.

This morning, twice I won a match, only to receieve a “kingdom doesn’t match” error message, which also gave me a streak breaking loss, instead of the wins I earned.

When using Warden class and counting as a beast, hero does not gain barrier from Forest Guardian’s spell.

Spotted on PS4: Non-critical graphical oddity in Troops screen when you have more than 10 troops visible
Open the troops screen, set the cursor on a troop, and use the keypad-down key or the stick to go down.
On the right of the 5th card of the first row, a letter will appear when the screen scrolls.
If you scroll even more, you will go through the alphabet :laughing:

I think it is some indicator used when programming the scrolling system, but got accidentally forgotten to made invisible again :wink:

You can even see the effect better when you filter on a kingdom where you have 11 troops or more:

  • On Broken Spire, making the screen scroll allows me to see the letters T, E and G.
  • On Forest of Thorns, I can make the letters T, D and G appear
  • On Grosh-Nak, W, A and D
  • On Khaziel, A, B, D and R
  • On Maugrim Woods, B, C D and W
    (the kingdoms where I see 4 different letters are the ones with 12 troops.

@Alpheon I have seen several reports of people getting non-guardian Commons from 20k and 40k guild chests. Has this been looked into at all?


I found another bug with baby dragon, he is suppose to make his magic and transform in a random dragon but he transformed in dragon egg with attack stats but dragotaur was dead

Edit: there is the video
Edit 2: nevermind i think it is the kingdom bonus

@Alpheon My chat only works about 20 percent of the time. If I click on chat I get the loading animation. It doesn’t go away until I restart the game.

This is no bug, Dragon egg is also a dragon

@Kharybdys Ok but eggs not supposed to get attack stats

Dragotaur might’ve buffed him though? He’s still a dragon so that works too…