Connection errors all day


^^ on pc steam

[ps4] unable to connect

Also on mobile, it is SO SLOW and everything takes forever to load!


it might have to do with the issues they are having with chat… a dev said something like 150 rooms are filled with 30 people and its causing some errors…


yeah it goes retry load retry then ERROR please close the game for a few minutes we are having connection issues etc.

Game won't log me in - anyone else?

This same crap is happening to Consoles as well.


Get rid of the chat! Or keep just the guild chat!


I’d be fine with just guild chat


It’s 7:30 am in Melbourne so don’t expect a solution within an hour or so.


same here… :frowning: Just when I finish my work day and have a killer line-up ready to rock.

Ah well, it’s been a lot of new content and multiple bugs and hotfixes in one day. I guess it’s bound to get a little bit worse before it gets better. =)


Unable to get into game also, and I never knew there was a chat option cos I don’t have it lol, I guess cos mines on ps4.


I can not fully play, when the game is very slow now and then when he has to make the loading and then when you try to play anything you click always says connection error and my connection is quite present and powerful, the implementation of nuava pach is a great job with these problems, however, is not good, I hope to resolve as soon as possible because it is so unplayable.


I can’t even get past the first Loading screen when launching from Steam.


Same problem on iOS.


However steam is not involved, it is the game that does not go, I have other games in steam that open and you can play perfectly


dev announced on another thread, there are server issues across platforms. does not seem to be related to chat but they are aware and working on it as fast as they can


The issue isn’t related to Steam or any particular platform. I can confirm it also isn’t chat related. Even if we disabled the chat, it wouldn’t fix this current problem.

Unfortunately our existing servers (which the chat does not run on) are down, and we’re waiting for some fixes to come through that will bring them back up.

I warned you all

It should be working now, loading for me.


Still seems slow as Christmas though…


Indeed, I have received many, " Connection error " and " Operation timed out " messages, and have to wait it out, or restart


Having the same problem, takes forever to open the game, then can’t retrieve my messages or gold in my home kingdom, or open any other window, just can only stare at the world map. Have been trying for over 4 hours now.