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Connect 4 - PS4- Recruiting! Low Requirements! Great Rewards! 3 Spots

:gem_red::gem_purple::gem_yellow: CONNECT 4 - Currently Recruiting :gem_green::gem_blue::gem_brown:

About Us:
We are a PS4 guild that is looking to grow as a team with others. We are looking to expand our guild and help players grow and help them with tips and tricks. We have low guild requirements and appreciate contributions above reqs. Players still needing kingdoms maxed should use their gold for their kingdom levels and early chests and we understand that. If you are interested in joining please send me a message or post here.

All players welcome, casual, hardcore, veteran and leader type people who wish to help.


  • Min Requirements: lvl 600+, 100k gold and 750 seals. Must participate in guild events.
  • Guild Level: 412+
  • Task: 4 Maxed others Tier 10+ , or all Maxed and some LTs
  • Seals: 35k - 40k+
  • Trophies: ~207,500 (top 120 guild, growing fast)
  • Guild Chat: Active
  • Guild Wars - Bracket 6
  • Guild Events: Active Guild Wars, Invasions, Raids, Tower of Doom
  • Help: We have senior members that are available for questions and answers.I am currently level 1200+ and half the guildmates in the 1000s and some really close to. Our guild currently donates about 12million-20million collectively.


New members and members who failed to meet 1 week or requirements, failure to meet requirements during this week will result in removal.

Meeting minimum requirements or better. No benefits

200k gold, 1000 seals, Active in Guild events. Benefits are that commanders can help give input to requirements. Have an additional week before being removed from guild if not meeting basic reqs.

550k Gold, 1500 Seals. Active in guild events. 2 additional weeks before removal if not meeting basic reqs. Can promote people up to Commander rank following rules. Can help with managing guild if desired. Looks really good being at the top of guild list :slight_smile: abuse of privileges will result in immediate reduction of rank.
Failure to meet requirements for 1 week = demoted a rank. If you are new to guild, you do not have to meet requirements until the following week. If you are a recruit and do not meet requirements then you will be removed. Legionnaires can also be removed if the dont contribute and fail to meet requirements at guild leader’s discretion.
About me: IGN:Kazuyashin
I am currently level 1200+, All kingdoms lvl 10 and 5star+, GW 54k+.I can offer lots of help with teambuilding, farming, or general questions.
How To Join:
Search for Connect 4 in guild list
Message me your invite code and I can invite. Or post here in the forums, I check everyday.
5 spot open
If you are looking for a guild with low weekly requirements but still gets lots done. Join now and reap the benefits!


Still looking for members to join our cause. We are climbing every day, we have room to to combine with another guild or will take recommendations for any new,experience, or veteran players. My current team is around the 10,000 mark I believe, and our guild level is around 83. As we continue to grow, we will look at promoting people who contribute more and are active within the guild. We communicate on a daily basis and strive to keep a friendly and fun environment.

Currently several of us are level 1000+ and contribute 2-5million + which helps out our newer members.


Happy Halloween EVERYONE!

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How is the recruting going?

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Its pretty slow, but always looking!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Connect 4 is still recruiting, we are now Rank 1200s on the boards and 900 on guild wars, climbing fast. Sitting at 10,500 trophies. with about 5k seals each week. We complete 4+ tier levels in tasks every week and complete guild wars, always at the top so we are climbing fast. We currently have 7 members. This is a fun and friendly guild looking to advance and climb the ranks together.

We have no guild requirements but would appreciate contributions. New players should use their gold for their kingdom levels and early chests and we understand that. If you are interested in joining please send me a message or post here.

All players welcome, casual, new, veteren and leader type people who wish to help. We have lots of room!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Still looking for members, now in Rank 500s still climbing, 26000+ trophies, tier 7+ tasks.

Guild level ~ 60
Guild Rank ~ 500
Guild Wars Rank ~ 600ish
Guild Tasks ~ 7+
Guild Collective Contributions ~ 2million-5million
Guild Requirements ~ None!

My Current level 1000+, still recruiting! Leave Invite code or message me if interested!



Still Looking! Lots of Room!


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Hello Kazuyashin,

Active player here, lvl 63 at the moment, with shiny Death Knight armor, playing every day and looking for a guild.




Hi I have a offer if your interested I’m Druss from the Hamster Wheel Ranked 125 in 81 days,we have a few places to fill very low requirements,would you be interested in join us if so PSN Sir-Waylander i’m happy to send screen shots of are Guild.

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Sending invite at Artines! Glad to have you. Feel free to ask any questions and message me!

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Add me on ps4 same name as here, I’ll get you in our guild leader community, thx.

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Awesome! Sounds great!

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Still recruiting! Looking to push and complete blue tasks next week.

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Still looking for members, no requirements, casual and fun but still lots of rewards to reap. This is especially good for new players that need a home, and are not able to contribute but need the resources to progress forward. Blue Tasks this week are 10/12, will be finishing by end of week. (Great way for new players to get gem keys and gems.)

We are still climbing the ranks and looking to build the Connect 4 family.

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Can I join? PSN - Biohazard_217

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Of course! I’ll send invite when I get home. About 20 minutes. Glad to have you joining.

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Should have an invite sydbot. For connect 4. Inviting now

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Gotchya! 10 char

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Welcome! To the guild. I’m quite active and you’ll see me on a lot. I’ll see you in guild chat soon!

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