Congratulation you crafted zuul

Congrats to @TheIdleOne!!! You are the first accross every playform to craft Zuul Goth, and you did it in less then 6 months very good job :slight_smile:




But, how!? We need to know!

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#NotSoIdleOne :grin:



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Lol, thank you.

Wasn’t going to say anything, but was trying to think of a silly title to use for the forums to celebrate it. Still haven’t thought of one yet.

How? Hmm…

3 Bounty wins
2 Raid wins
1 Invasion win
some luck with the other orbs

Invasion is easier to play than Raid, but the 2 Raids that I won tired me out enough to take those Invasion weeks off.

I was tempted to try for Divine Invasion after winning the Sword’s Edge Raid, but holding 1st for both Invasion and Bounty on the same week would be extremely difficult (although would have been fun to say I did it). Decided on the Sunday that the guy that was leading Divine Invasion never targeted me during my runs, so I let him have it.

I never felt the temptation to go for 1st during Wargare Invasion, that week sucked. (as does this current Raid).

I was sitting on Gems for awhile, so there was no cost for the first bit. After the 1st Raid win, there was an “Xbox sale on Gems” (being as vague as possible). While I didn’t need it to keep at the leaderboards, it definitely helped in playing aggressively and finishing strongly. Basically, a top off. So I guess that’s where people can shame me for spending money?

During that 2nd Raid, there’s was a Memorial Day sale of gems. That kinda sucked. I didn’t need it, but it felt like I had to fight against that. I don’t really know the guy, so I can’t really guess if the other person had the gems on him as well or bought it but… yeah…

Both of the Raids went way too long, and I felt bad for them that a lot of gems were spent. At least I got to walk away with a Orb of Power, but them? It didn’t have to turn out that way, but I wasn’t going to let go.

As for why I didn’t use gems for anything else? Hmm, didn’t care enough about pets to spend gems on it and my awesome guild Legendary Fight is aggressive enough with Legendary Tasks to make it possible to pull the new Mythics with just keys. (both Wild Queen and Ubastet were pricey with gem keys though)

So I think I have enough experience to say I dislike Raid the most. At 500, 1 skull match will kill your troop unless it has skull reduction. Any cast that does damage can usually kill you. (6/8 mana Scale Guard that can 1 shot you, great design). Most kingdoms have no real kill power, so the slog from 400-500 is very iffy at times. Sometimes the AI gets a board that won’t let you cast anything before your entire team is dead. Yet farming points at mid 200-300s wouldn’t be worthwhile. Maybe it’d be nice to stop in the mid 400s, but battles are usually “easy enough” until the nasty setups show up, but then you can’t go back to a lower level to avoid it.

Bone Naga, Bone Naga, Bone Daemon, Zuul’Goth at 435 and 485? (or was it 480?) during Zaejin Raid. ugh.

At least Invasion gives you enough time to fight back some.
Bounty doesn’t scale other than a set point of difficulty.

I have a lot of people to thank for the support through the entire time, but between trying to avoid callouts and just a lot to list… yeah, I’ll say thanks to everyone on the Xbox servers. Maybe that’ll cover it?


I think my guildmates will be happy to not see you in leaderboard anymore lol


Believe me, I’ll be happy to be off the leaderboards. (except Bounty, can’t really help it at the 250k range currently. May park myself in the 2 minor orb range, haven’t decided yet. )


So you got the complete collection now?

Lol i only got 1 power orb and not enough gems to go crazy in these events so it gonna take awhile for me

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Grats @theidleone

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Yup. 512/512. for the 1st and only time, I can finally just enjoy the game and go back to creating teams instead of having to chase after something (useless mythics, gnomes from vaults, imps etc.)

I’m really not a fan of the chasing process for new troops. I get new troops so I can actually play test and have fun with them when I do get them instead. So right now, there’s a bit of calm where I can just stand here and enjoy Gems of War for what it offers.

Next challenge is actually coming up with Zuul’Goth defenses that aren’t complete pushovers. Rather difficult actually.


Yeah good luck with that, there is so many godlayer you will need a quick team

Just fought a defense owned Mythic Morterra that was smart enough to aim for my Zuul’Goth on offense. Lol.

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Nicely done, @TheIdleOne ! :smile_cat: It doesn’t seem like you were being very idle. :stuck_out_tongue:


Waste of time and resources

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I bet you get invited to a lot of parties

Congrats @TheIdleOne great job!
We will all get there in a couple of years :smiley:

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I prefer the peace and quiet tbh. Parties were never my thing.

Plenty of Xbox Live parties though, if that counts?


I’m about the luckiest of the lucky that I’ve heard about with orbs of ascension; 13 minor and 6 major. That would only net me three orbs of power :sweat:


Surprised it took over 10 posts for the negative comments lol. Congrats Idle

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