Confused about free Epic battles

I had the impression that v4.4 was going to give us one free Epic Battle per Event.

I certainly used one during the Frostmage Event, then again during the Hierophant Event. But the one I had for Invasion seemed to disappear after using the Hierophant Epic Battle (actually Mythic, of course).

Is it perhaps one free Epic Battle per platform (I did the second on Android, for the achievement)? Or did it start out one per Event and has now changed? Or something else?

Clarification would be really nice. :slight_smile:

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It’s supposed to be one free epic battle in total per account @Starlite. Like we get one free name change, then charged gems each time after that.

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I definitely used one on PC and one on Android. I’m sure I would have noticed if one of them had cost me more Sigils.

Maybe I accidentally found a lucky glitch. :slight_smile:

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Extra Sigils were not consumed. I checked them.

This is the impression I had as well :confused::man_shrugging:. I might go back to check the stream at some point, but eh.

After going back and rereading the patch notes I can see where it could be confusing.
“When playing an event in 4.4, all players will get to try out an Epic Fight for free the first time.”

I could be wrong, but I interpreted “the first time” as meaning the only time


I interpreted it this way as well you’re not alone

Indeed. I had the same impression.