Comunity priority task list

@saltypatra, @kafka

I wanted to make a topic, where I’d try to compact all issues players have with game (either bugs, or things needed rework/rebalance) and order them by priority: how much community would like it to be fixed/reviewed.

Would like to know, if that could somewhat be helpful for you (f.e. to tell programmers which requests players would like them to focus on, when they got extra time)

@all, please wait until Salty/Kafka responds, if this makes sense at all. If they see it as somewhat usefull/helpfull. Post your suggestions and feel free to discuss the priority of things that should be changed (either bug-fixed or re-worked, re-implemented, or just changed). I’ll try to agregate those things in 1st topic to make a simple top-down list.

Why not just create a poll with all the options, once collated?

I just don’t belive voting is always best option. One good argument is sometimes worth more than 1000 votes without any arguments…

Fix the ****** freeze after explore bug!

Fix daily offers, troops and delve cache become useless at some point, as far as I know you can avoid the troop one but not the delve

I agree that the majority aren’t always right, that sometimes what’s popular opinion at the time isn’t really the “best” solution (here’s looking at you, Arena drafting —tons of people wanted to reverse the order of the draft, rather than have a better drafting system that would have truly allowed team synergies, like seeing all available troops at once), but if your goal is as stated here:

emphasis mine

…then the more authentic way to gather that, the “what the community wants”, is with a popular vote.

Otherwise, you’re not getting the result the people “want most,” but rather what the list-makers do: it’s the popular vote vs. an electoral college system where no laws bind the electors to follow the numbers, but simply their own judgment(s) :man_shrugging:

Yeah kind of does, but not exactly. I tend to push my own ideas aside, when doing such agregations. I might tell what I think about an idea, if I see it realy bad or backfiring in other areas, but if majority will support it, than there’s nothing to argue with anymore. Thing is there are some active people here, who contribute a lot of constructive opinions on different topics and there’s a group of those who’re always unsatisfied and are always whining, no matter what new things DEVs show up. Their opinion is usually: it’s bad, change it. For me, votes without arguments are worthless and tend to end up bad in the long run. To create a pool you need to have a set of options in 1st place.

Keep in mind another thing, that no matter what comunity says, DEVs are the ones to decide, if one player idea is interesting or is it completely off the tracks.

But again, Salty or Kafka would have to even consider this topic to be of any value for them. Or provide any impact on what developers do. Without it- it’s just a waste of time.

I think a community hosted list of known issues would be interesting. I know the devs have one but sometimes issues aren’t posted there.

Though, a community driven prioritized task list sounds like a nightmare for the devs. I would never want that where I work. Noooooo. No no no. A conversation with customers to learn their pain points and the positives? Yes. For them to give me a list? No way.

Also keep in mind us forum folk are the minority. We are not representive of the entire community.

If you want to make it out of curiosity for the community, then by all means go for it. I would be surprised if the devs take it seriously though.

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