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Computer cheats in battles!

FIX the computer that we fight in all battles it gets extra moves matching THREE mana and THREE skulls!!! It’s july 30, 2020 3:46 P.M.


You’re going to need to post video or there’s really no way to verify what the bug is, or if it’s even present :man_shrugging:


It does indeed happen.

Never happened to me, been playing it for 2 years.


You just have to accept that the AI cheats.


Or yourself just not good enough.


No, the AI doesn’t cheat. Anyone who thinks so doesn’t understand probability.


Those who say the AI cheat are free to post a vid with evidence

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Here you go.

Just some bad luck. One strike with skulls, then two other skull matches drop from the top. When you see this effect for your side, you don’t complain.


Did you even watch the video? First skull match killed top troop which dropped a second skull match that killed barriered egg thief which should have taken 3 skull hits to do and third hit dropped heroes barrier.

Trust me, I post it when it happens for me as well which is also a bug.

I tried, but it was too fast. Yes, Egg Thief with Barrier was killed by skulls. But doesn’t it happen both ways? Sometimes you’ll kill enemy’s barriered troop instantly.

Your egg thief took at least two hits. One broke the barrier and the other killed it. Nothing cheating about it.

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Thats not what I saw in the video. I went through it as slowly as possible, and it matches the description given by Earnham.

The turn started off with Cedric taking a hit and dying with a skull match containing a doomskull that exploded onto a single skull, which cascades into a skull match with a doomskull that hit two skull with an explosion and simultaneous red and purple 3x mana gem match, followed by a second skull hit with doomskull that hit the barrier of the hero.

The Egg Thief died instantly after the following screenshotted match was resolved.

This is anomalous even outside my experiences with doomskulls, which are sporadic enough to lead me to believe there has to be another factor at play since you can’t steadily reproduce them, including sometimes exploded skull damage hitting the next troop in line. Pictured here, even if we say that somehow the barrier was stripped by bleed over damage when cedric was hit (not pictured, as the barrier is still visible on the frame Egg Thief was hit, and and if bleed through does happen this in and of itself should be considered a bug), the hit that caused lethal damage to the egg thief was a single skull match containing one doomskull and exploding two additional skulls. Assuming the barrier was already down, the skull match plus the exploded skulls should have dealt no more than 64 damage, and the Egg Thief had 96 total life + armor. Based on what we actually see in the video and the how skulls should resolve (skull hit, then damage caused by skulls exploded because the skulls were matched), the Egg Thief should have taken no more than two damage here with the initial hit being absorbed by the barrier, then the two exploded skulls hitting, and it should have even survived the next skull cascaded. What is looks like is this single cascaded match resolved as three separate full skull hits and possibly more. The troop dealing the skull damage doesn’t have any skull damage traits, nor were there any statuses in play that could have increased the damage. There was another skull cascade immediately following this which then hit the barrier of the hero below, as the Egg Thief was already dead by this point.

Of course, all this is off topic to the original post claiming AI extra turns from three matches and three skulls, which is not pictured here. But I felt it was necessary to post since there are already two people are not accurately representing what happened in the video and writing it off completely, which I can personally attest to being quite maddening to be on the receiving end of, and really hard to steer back into a productive discussion.

@Earnham - Didn’t you have a bug report thread about skull damage/skull cascades? Is this the same video you posted there or a new one? I don’t think it is worth continuing here, none of this is evidence of AI “cheating” and is off topic to the kind of cheating that is supposedly being done as stated in the original post.


I bow to your superior review. When i watched the video, it appeared to me to be as I stated above. Your review was more meticulous than mine.

The AI clearly know what gems are dropping next…some of its moves make no sense otherwise.

Not that I care, AI is easy to trick, but it’s obvious.

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Thank you for paying attention.

I have quite a few reports. I dont believe we are off topic though. The op said the ai was cheating by matching a 3 of and getting extra turns which is in fact a bug.

As we all know if a bug happens in favor of us, it’s good luck, and if it happens for ai, they are cheating.

People asked for a video of ai cheating so I posted.


I’ve had the same problem, instant kill a creature with barrier, or even AI gets extra turns while only matching 3 gems, …

The AI is horrifically stupid and the only reason it wins against players is because of random luck (which helps players just as much) and higher stats. That’s it. The AI will make otherwise god-awful plays. It will make 4 matches over 5 matches, for instance. It will make a 4-match when it has an empowered converter for that very color, and THEN it will use the ability and gain nothing. It will avoid skull matches or using abilities on troops it could kill. It’s just really, really bad.

As for the video… (https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1250996426374615042/pu/vid/1280x720/jnlPRazzV8HbueNs.mp4?tag=10)

I went ahead and downloaded it, then extracted scenes using VLC – 298 to be exact, but we’re interested in the last few seconds. It would appear here that Barrier is still up on Egg Thief:

Then Egg Thief dies:

Then more skulls drop and Barrier protects the Hero from dying. (This all also goes back to why people think the AI “cheats” – look at this, the AI matched one set of skulls, another set of 3 drops, then another set of 3 drops – not even a bonestorm.)

You’ll notice though in the second photo there are TWO sets of numbers on top of each other, but it’s hard to make out what they are. First, we know she has barrier, so that needs to pop somehow, but the damage against Barrier wouldn’t show a number. Second, she has 96 health, and clearly Noband Brothers cannot do 96 damage. They only have 57 attack, no enrage, she has no hunter’s mark, etc. Now it looks to me like the first number is a 5, and the number behind it is a 3. Then the second numbers are 4 and 8. 54+38 or 58+34 is 92, that’s 4 short of the 96 damage needed to kill.

However, there is a very simple explanation for this. If you look on the Twitter page this was posted to, it says “Nintendo Switch Share.” Problem solved, Nintendo Switch version of Gems of War is bugged. Case closed.