Complaining about the game at every turn

I feel like there is a portion of the GoW community that seem to complain about the game to a ridiculous extent. Just to highlight a couple of recent big ones are the transform nerf to make delves easier with the (admittedly big) side effect of boosting enemy transformations in PvP. Dragon Eye, looking at you. And now there’s a giant clapback about Arena not giving class XP when the class system was overhauled. Full disclosure I had a tiny complaint meself that I couldn’t do a global class change anymore, but that is admittedly a very tiny portion of the playerbase that would like the option of a global change as well as a custom team class selection.

I feel like I see the same people complaining again and again on what seems to me just about everything.

There was a guy in chat yesterday (level in the lower 1100s) telling newer players NOT to play the game and get rid of it because it was a bad game.

My question is, “If you are so miserable with how the game is, then why continue to play it?”


First off…
My favorite people in this world are those that complain about people complaining. :grinning: So thank you for this thread.

It’s entirely possible to criticize 5% of something and still love 95% of it.
So when someone isn’t liking the game as much as they used to.
They SHOULD voice the reasons why they aren’t. Rather than just quit the game and give up on it.

@Lyya to early to lock this thread? You and I both know nothing good will come from this. :grinning:


My apologies for skipping over this part on my first read through. This player should be reported and hopefully banned from global chat for breaking the community guidelines. Being a douchebag is a violation of those terms.

The way people choose to express their opinions tells us more about them than they could imagine.

For all the rest, it’s a natural… “wave movement”. Every new change affects someone in a way. You, and some others, surely feel a little annoyed about not changing classes globally, others will gripe about not earning class XP on Arena anymore and others are upset about the devs not being upfront (in their perspectives) about what can, or can not, be a limitation on Arena coding to allow classes due the new portion of code introduced to treat each class as “a troop”.

Me? I’m still waiting for a rework on Wild Plains and mentioning it on almost every post. :skull:
(I’ve waited for over two years in silence since i’ve sent a PM making suggestions for this kingdom so spending a year or more bringing this up is something not too hard. I’m very patient.)

All of this is fine and natural to some extent.

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This is basically the psychology of F2P games in action.

They appeal to addiction behaviors. Think about it. GoW asks a player to log in every hour to collect tribute. For an active player, there can be a pet rescue every hour. The weekly event represents 20-30 rounds that must be played. The daily tasks are a similar burden. The daily Delve is 20-30 rounds. That means every day can represent 60-100 games of Gems of War spread across 8-10 periodic logins or the player “falls behind”.

This isn’t even counting the leaderboards. The current #1 PvP player, whose name is blank, has played 1,800 PvP matches this week. 1,800. If we assume it costs about 1 minute per match (which is a fast estimate), he’s spent 30 hours out of this week’s 108 on nothing but Gems of War. That’s 6 hours per day. That’s a job. Something between 25 and 30 percent of this person’s day is this game. Think about it.

For a lot of people that doesn’t matter. Those people don’t sign up for the forums and post every day. To those people, the game’s just a distraction, they aren’t subject to its hooks, and they can quit on a whim and do. Nobody makes posts about “I’m having a mediocre time!” You just don’t see it.

But for a lot of the forums, I’d be willing to bet we’re looking at a level of devotion like Mr. PvP. The Invasion leaderboard shows me you need to have played 40k PvP matches to make it to the top 50. If we go back to the one-minute-per-match measure (which is definitely wrong here but alas), that is 670 hours of gameplay. That is just the PvP stats. Several of these people frequently place on leaderboards, and spend 50+ sigils on guild events.

Can you name a game you’ve spent 670 hours on? I can’t. Off the top of my head I know I’ve spent:

  • 215 hours on Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  • 300 hours on Fallout 3.
  • Probably about 400 hours on Earthbound because I’ve played it at least once every year for more than a decade.
  • 200-300 hours on Final Fantasy VI.
  • 140 hours on Breath of the Wild.

I care deeply about those games, but dang. My own stats tell me I’m at about 166 hours into GoW just by PvP alone. What’s relevant here is one of the people in this thread is in that top 50. He has spent more than 600 hours on Gems of War. The #1 player has spent twice that.

So there is a very strong “sunken cost” among late-game players. It takes a few hundred hours of “investment” in the game to get there. That’s your answer to, “Why not just quit?”. People don’t like giving up on a thing and “losing” what they put into it.

That’s something F2P relies on, otherwise people would quit at the first point where the game says “Pay me $10 or grind for a few days.” The people who don’t are very unlikely to quit ever, no matter how miserable they get. That’s super valuable to the game’s wallet when those people are in mid-game and still have stuff they can buy. It’s not so valuable when they’re end-game and are unlikely to spend a lot more money.

In fact, if you really squint at most end-gamer complaints on the forum (and I am guilty of this too), it really boils down to:

“There isn’t a lot left in this game for me to do. But I have made a lot of friends through it and gained a lot of clout because I have invested so heavily. I don’t want to leave, start over in another game, and potentially lose my only common bond with several of my friends. So I’d really like it if the game had something more for me to do, because I’m struggling to keep up with my obligations and a little disturbed that I spend so much of my life on a game.”


Yeah, it is a tad hypocritical ain’t it?

Valid point.

That’s another valid point. I seem to be constantly playing this game lol.

Just want to say to Devs I am happy with game and the guild I am in. Nice job on a great game.


To be fair, “giant” is giving too much credit to the relatively small outcry against this change. And Cyrup quashed it pretty quickly not leaving any reason to debate it.

Changes like GW to every 4 weeks, the guild task revamp and the new UI garnered teeth gnashing magnitudes larger. This was just a tummy rumble in comparison.

But in general people don’t like when other people mess with their happiness. Picture your favorite food dish & think about how perfect it is every time you eat it. Then think about someone trying to “improve” it for you by adding something that has no business being in it like ketchup on cheese cake or whipped cream on prime rib. I get that. But there have certainly been instances where I’ve thought the same thing about a few people on the forums who never have anything positive to say about the game but continue to stick with it. Not necessarily the same ones you’re referring to.

Awryan likes to complain as a hobby, and Slypenslyde thinks he gets paid by the word.
Cyrup and Salty make nothing but excuses, Kafka gets distracted by confused newbs, Sirrian doesn’t have time…

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No joke i start to think it’s @Mithran second account :slight_smile:


This could be the first pay to play… by word posted in forum game :face_with_monocle:

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Wouldn’t that mean anyone who didn’t read was too cheap to pay attention?

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But I am having a mediocre time…

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Most Ppl complain cos they don’t have everything. They are like junkies. They need a quick fix. But that’s not what the game is about.
If you have everything immediately. The game would be boring as hell. But when you grind and take the time. And get too know youre guildies.
It’s fun…and as long as it’s fun Keep playing. On til it’s not. So fucke em I say.


Well GoW is a hobby of mine… And voicing my feedback about the game that I care about does more good than harm. So… Sure… Why not…:+1:

Tbh, as someone that came to GoW from another multiplayer match3 rpg/card collect game (no name needed), where the feedback was abyssmal and devs seemed keen on taking player advice and twisting it into blatant moneygrabs before implementing them bugged to pieces and with total radiosilence on the forums, and where spending 1000$ every single week barely kept you in the top league, I can say this:

Go play a couple of the other match3 rpg card collector games on the market. You’ll hurry back to GoW faster than quick.


I think the game is very well balanced these days, minus the innumerable useless troops and high delve levels
20-60 mins to do all daily things, depending on the day, with a good variety of events
Seem to be a little short on weekend events the last couple months, but the class change was a huge buff
I have no complaints, except the complainers Lol


There’s gonna be people like that in every game. I definitely have no problem with complaints as long as they’re valid (they usually are). The ones that i get annoyed with are the ones that complain and then insult the people that enjoy the game. To me, that just serves as nothing but a waste of time. If I hated a game that much I wouldn’t bother playing it much less even discuss it on a message board of said game. I’d rather just play something else.

The other thing that I’ve also noticed is the people who complain about every thing aren’t exactly dumb. I actually find them to be quite intelligent. They’re just focusing all their energy on the wrong things.


There’s several ways you can approach something you dislike, mostly walk away, live with it or try to improve things. Complaining is usually the latter, if you don’t point out what doesn’t work for you the powers in control will believe everything is just fine. There’s some effort involved in complaining, so most people will just pick the easier solution of walking away. As a tech person I tend to be far more happy about somebody investing that effort instead, even if it can get quite passionate. Besides, as already pointed out above, being unhappy about one part of the game doesn’t mean you are unhappy about all other parts of the game.

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I am glad we all enjoy playing Gems of War. :slight_smile: