Competitive ⚔ Guildwar Guild ⚔ Power Gems Seeks 1 More!

We are currently rank 62 overall and in Bracket 3 for Guildwars. We need new competitive members to join us.

Currently looking for at 1 member serious about Guildwars with the time and dedication to play daily.

Requirements and Expectations:
Guildwars Participation Daily along with minimum 3/3/3/3 guildwars tribute sentinels donation
At least 400k+ gold donated weekly to tasks
1500 Seals Claimed Weekly
No Trophy Requirement
Discord server use expected (We all chat and hang in Discord mostly discussing strats and helping each other)
Level 10 all kingdoms and around 5 STARS or more on kingdoms working to increase.

About us:
We have a friendly family like atmosphere where everyone shares ideas and help each other out. Most of us are on Discord regularly that’s where we hang most often. If you are a team player that puts in their fair share this will be the last guild you will ever need to join.

We are lenient with real life constraints when they come up but expect every member to put in their fair share and contribute at least the minimum requirements.

If interested post here or add me on Steam (Mordaloch) and contact me directly.

Oh Also Mordaloch#5684 on discord if you want to chat there.


1 Spot available.

Good morning! Still looking for the right candidate :slight_smile:

Happy Sunday! We have 1 Spot for you :slight_smile:

Well i have to bump this so here we go :slight_smile: