Comparing Event Shops to their Rewards – a possible part of why Class Trials underperform

Note: this is a bit of a stub of a post, since I’m not able to fill it all out right now.

Threads have definitely been made about the lack of rewards from Class Trials; I’d just like to focus on XP.

Class Trials

Let’s consider Class XP, what we can reasonably consider to be the focal point of a Class Trial (even though many just use free sigils for the Gems).

XP from (8) Rewards: 10, 10, 15, 15, 20, 20, 25, 30.
Total: 145

XP from (7) Shop Tiers: 5, 15, 50, 150, 250, 360, 500 (repeatable)
Total: 1330 (up to 5050, max XP)

This alone should realistically be enough of an insight into part of why Class Trials remain unattractive to interact with, particularly given their frequency.

Tower of Doom

I’m tired, will fill in later (especially if someone provides the numbers).

  • Tower of Doom also has a Major Orb at the end of the Rewards, plus other stuff, so I wouldn’t necessarily say Forge Scrolls from the first 25 levels are the main focus.

Pet Rescues

I’m tired, will fill in later (especially if someone provides the numbers).

  • Feels comparable to Class Trials, but much quicker and more frequent.

I’d propose that the main reason I don’t see too many complaints about the number of Pets in the Rewards from Pet Rescues is because they can be triggered much more frequently than Class Trials.

This does actually change, however, when it comes to Cosmetic Pets that aren’t in the general pool of Pets able to be rescued by encountering a Pet Gnome, and the single/whole-day events. Those are a bit more complicated topics, though.

Potential proposed solutions:

  • Make Class Trials able to be triggered more frequently, assuming a player hasn’t maxed that Class.

  • Increase the amount of XP available in the rewards, increasing the difficulty(/size?) of the Trial if necessary.

  • Your answer here

Good morning, everyone.

Good day to you Sir. The only reward I play for is Stage 7, ToD. Once I get that 3500g and a Portrait, I’m good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry I’m not much help. The class events barely make any actual progress on the class itself. Like you said, I just do it for the 5 gem rewards. Sometimes, not even that. I’ve skipped all the weekend ones since at least last February.

I mean, I’m already maxed in Bard at 100, so buying any of the shop packages would be completely worthless, all that XP is wasted. You can use the shop in Class Trials as a sort of “Mythic purchasing” option… for instance I don’t have The Wild Queen, so I could purchase stuff from today’s class trial to get Pan’s Vale troops in hopes of getting Wild Queen. The drop rates on troops from this way aren’t public though like chests. Also, once I purchase all them, I’m again stuck with a ton of sigils and wasted experience.

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It’s always bugged me that it feels like the same time investment in PvP will yield as much class XP but more wins than a class event.

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There’s an extra problem with class events, their main reward, class xp, is currently only useful as long as you don’t have that class maxed out. Other events still offer some incentive to keep playing them, e.g. pet rescues allow you to turn surplus pets into pet food.

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I’ve always felt that class trials provide the worst value by far of any sigil-based event. For comparison, a class trial costs more to complete than a faction assault, but instead of all the various rewards you get from playing those delves and from the shop tiers and from the reward stages, you’re getting almost nothing for your efforts except for class exp, which is pretty finite in usefulness, and you don’t even get that much of it.

It’s also unique in the incredible frustration of regularly ending one sigil short of the final reward tier, generally if you buy tier 3. And hey, you can buy another tier, but too bad if that chaos orb turns out to be yet another growth or wisdom you literally can’t use to add to your neverending stack as an endgame player, you essentially have nothing else to show for your efforts.

On top of all that, while sometimes you can make some fun teams even with the kingdom/troop type dual restriction, some of the classes have a single digit number of troops you can even use in their event, making the whole thing a miserable experience to play as well. (Feel free to correct me if this is no longer the case, as I’m playing on Switch which doesn’t have some of the newer troops. But Warlord and Archer come to mind as really bad examples of this.)


Yeah not many troops. I used to do it for 20 gems no purchases, now don’t bother. It’s just another boring game mode vs ever ascending stat troops…

The only time I use it is to buy tiers, which are set so you buy them because the rewards preceding are poor. Granted if I’d multiple classes to level I may use it.but maybe not!

Now not even doing that. Last time I took Archmagus to 80 in the event and I’d got it to 100 4/5 days later. I wasted gems, the class was viable to level over the weeks before next class.

Also the weekend class event is no better than the weekly one for rewards - it’s just left like that for gem sinking to skip some grind.

Needs a rework drastically. It’s stale…

Class trials is probably up for elimination soonish, as almost all classes have been released. One of the secret yet to be hinted at new 2020 events will replace it I bet.

I just think it’s so weird for them to eliminate it entirely rather than amp the rewards as a helpful catch-up mechanic for newer players, and (maybe) as a turd-polishing for us endgamers who might be interested in playing for something still interesting (my vote would be for a random kingdom pet or three included in the reward structure).

Yeah, it would suck that I miss the boat on better rewards for classes I already have at 100 if such a rubber-banding were implemented. But even if they were just kept as-is (maybe moved to less frequency, during “dead” weekends?) they aren’t really hurting anyone by existing—in fact, they’re helping newbies, or those who want to grind out a Power Orb still.

But without trials in the game at all there will basically be no way for a new player to grind enough XP to maintain anything close to parity with end (probably fine) or even mid (definitely a problem) game.

My guess is there will be a new way with better rewards but a higher gem cost. It’s probably also going to involve a new currency doled out via adventure board and other slow-drip processes. This is the new pattern.

Appendix to that as justification:

Current class events serve two purposes:

  1. Giving all players a way to pay to significantly advance a brand-new class.
  2. Giving a bad-but-exists weekly chance for players to fill in a gap.

I think (1) is probably the most important purpose. Old players have a lot of reasons to not care about the weekly event, but new players have even fewer reasons. Once new classes stop releasing, and considering how classes are unlocked (kingdom quests), most new players will have numerous badly-leveled classes available and want to spread the leveling out a lot more than an older player.

So once the cash cow of “make old players pay a lot to stay ahead” is over with, I think it will transition to, “Give all players more freedom to choose how to level each class, but make progress all-around more expensive.”