Community Week?

I don’t think we’ve had Community Week yet this year, and it’s already way past mid-year, the time it showed up the past years. Are there still plans to run one?

In case you are struggling with ideas what the community would appreciate, I believe Deed Books in the Adventure Board would be very welcome, at just about any player level. :wink:


Low-level – and probably mid-level also – players have no need yet for Books of Deeds.

Dragonite on the Adventure Board, please! Free-to-play players are still struggling to get gem dragons.

Also, if you happened to be looking for a pleaser for both low and high-level players: War Coins on the Adventure Board + a new Warband in the shop + rotate the oldest Warbands back in.

When I was a new player, I actually got excited about receiving the things that I didn’t need yet. Because that felt like getting ahead / banking them for later when I knew I would need to have them.


Agreed. Don’t complain that lower level players don’t need something yet. They can bank them for later. Deed books are ridiculously uncommon and difficult to gather. Adding them to the dailies and other reward tracks is necessary.

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