Come Join The Murder **30 Secs 2 Match Recruitment** (Rank 52)

Welcome to 30 Secs 2 Match!

We are looking for active matchers out there to join in our weekly grind!
Edited Currently rank 52 ! We are 28/30 with all statues at lvl 97~100+ and +320% Gold bonus.
We finish atleast 5 statues per week and sometimes we get to 2-3 legendary tasks :urn: We are able to reach 40k seals per week (and we have done so in the past)!
We also have a Facebook group and a Discord channel (For gameplay and social reasons :smiley: )
We are still working our way onwards!:sunglasses:

There are only 3 requiremens !

  • Minimum gold donation 250k per week
  • 120 Trophies & 1000 Seals Minimum
  • Have FUN!

If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code and we’ll get back to you in-game.


For the record GW and discord are optional but recommended.

Still need one more

Still need one more 29/30.
If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code and we’ll get back to you in-game.

Still need one more.
Come join before week reset :smiley:

And we’re 30/30 again.

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We have an opening we need to fill before reset. We like everyone to play guild wars but there’s no pressure to put your all into it. We’ve held in bracket 4 since GW started and win 2-5 of the daily battles. We’re friendly & helpful and on are way toward entering the top 50 shortly.

Leave us your invite code and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

I can do what you ask easy
Invite code : ALLO1302
Thanks !

Do i need to quit my actual guild to be invite or i can leave it after receive an invite ??

Your guild is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I would love to be considered!
Invite code: AMRIKA

Looks like Pbwasher took an invite to another guild already. You’re in if you’d still like to join :slight_smile:

Sent an invite if you weren’t already in a guild. Let me know if you need it resent.

Joined! Woohoo, I’ll try not to let u down!!! :laughing:

Welcome aboard! We’re all filled up 30/30 again.

We are recruiting to fill 1 spot. You should be able to exceed 250k/1000s/120t each week and be a team player. You should want to participate in GW though it’s a hassle free environment where winning & completing battles daily isn’t as important as trying to play out your battles to contribute.

We definitely would prefer our new recruit to have their kingdoms either completely leveled to 10 or be able to finish them in 1-2 weeks while still keeping up with reqs (stars are nice to have but don’t matter for this position). We have knowledgeable vets in our ranks thatyou can pick their brains for ideas as well.

Please reply with your invite code and info about how far along you are with kingdoms.

Back to 30/30 for now. May have 1 or 2 spots at the end of the week.

250k x week, ok.
Average trophies per week: 300,
seals 1500 and over if I could,
I love fighting GW battles,
All kingdoms to 10, most of them 5 stars

If you have a vacancy, please message me and I’ll set myself free.
Invite code, FVFFAR

We’ve got 2 vacancies this week. Fvffar you have 1st dibs on one of them if you haven’t already found a new home.

Please check message #14 above for what we’re currently looking for and drop us your invite code.

Once again we are whole at 30/30. Recruitment closed for now.

Long time since we’ve had to recruit. We’re currently looking for 1 new member who can EXCEED 250k/1000s/120t weekly. We’re currently rank #51 & finish all statues with some LTs completed along the way so a trophy earner is certainly welcome. We’re typically between 36k-40k seals.

We bounce around in GW brackets 3-5 so we prefer that you’ll participate in GW, though performing well isn’t required.

We’d prefer all kingdoms leveled so you can help the guild to help you. We’re friendly & helpful, so should you be.

Hit us up with some info about your level/kingdoms/contribution level & your invite code.

All filled up again!