Come Join The Murder **30 Secs 2 Match Recruitment** (Rank 50)

Welcome to 30 Secs 2 Match!

We are looking for active matchers out there to join in our weekly grind!
Edited Currently rank 50 ! We are 29/30 with all statues at lvl 87~100+ and +300% Gold bonus.
We finish atleast 5 statues per week and sometimes we get to 2-3 legendary tasks :urn:
We are able to reach 40k seals per week (and we have done so in the past)!
We also have a Facebook group and a Discord channel (For gameplay and social reasons :smiley: )
We are still working our way onwards!:sunglasses:

There are only 3 requiremens !

  • Minimum gold donation 250k per week
  • 120 Trophies & 1000 Seals Minimum
  • Have FUN!

If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code and we’ll get back to you in-game.

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Hi, if your guild is active and everyone is contributing I’m interested. Invite code Del0921

Yes every1 is active and contributing
plz leave your current guild so i can invite you

(Still need active members)

Bump and Updated

Bump and updated!

Updated and still looking for a few more members :slight_smile:

3 spots left! :smiley:

Currently full but if any1 is interested reply here and i’ll get to you once we have a spot :smiley:

29/30 1 spot left ! Current rank 500

27/30. Current rank 485!

28/30, With tasks regularly completed each day (current rank 480 and constantly rising)

Bump 29/30 :smiley:

Yo guys I want in! I’m verry active and contribute. Looking for others to play and talk to … Invite code is JAVIER RICARDO

Are there still places?
Invite code is STRATRG

hey javier u must leave ur guild first :stuck_out_tongue:

StratRG i invited you

Bump and Updated

Bump 29/30 (may have 2 spots aswell)

We are currently full but very soon a spot will open.:nerd:
Meanwhile tell us abit more about your character (Kingdoms/Troops/Avg Gold/Trophy Contribution per week)