:gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 7, GW BR 1, 70+ "Epic" Tasks Weekly, 40k chests (Tuesdays), and 59 Unique Pets have already joined AWR. Why haven't you? AWR 30/30, GNR 30/30, FTR 30/30, RAR 30/30, SNR 30/30


Make that 3. (All positions open tomorrow)


It’s been a while since I’ve had to fill 4 slots. Last time was when 3.2 came out. I welcome the challenge, as you should welcome the opportunity. :grinning:


The 4 positions are now open. They will stay open until permanently filled or 4-1-18.


Update only 3 positions left. Join before reset to get 300 gems in your mail after reset just for being a member. :grinning:


Update…2 slots left. Let me know before they’re gone. :grinning:


If you want to join before reset you have less than 2 hours. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until sometime tomorrow at the earliest.


2 positions still open


1 position left. Apply asap!


We are now full. Thank you! If still interested you can contact me to put on a waiting list.


Currently have one opening.


Position is closed until 4-2-18


I have a member that wants to step down to a less active guild due to medical reasons. Will wait until we have a permanent replacement for them.


LeaveAggedon continues. Thanks 3.3.
Now have 2 positions open.


One position still open … Maybe one more, but can’t guarantee it. If interested, let me know sooner than later! :grinning:


Position is now closed. Thank you.


One position will be available after GW rewards are collected after weekly reset.


Another position just opened up for this Sunday. So currently 2 slots open. First person to join will be able to join prior to getting GW rewards. The other will have to wait until after. First come first reward. :wink:


1 position left for Sunday. Hmu asap if interested.


We are now full. Thanks for your interest…:grinning:


One position open currently.