Come Join Casual Spirit!

Hello Everyone!

HiddenToots here. Leader of Casual Spirit (PS4). We’re League rank 149, Guild Wars rank 68. Currently rocking 19 amazing teammates. We’re a really fun group of players. Actively chatting, and actively playing. Our guild has no requirements, other than you participate in Guild Wars, and donate what you can, when you can. We’re a great home for people new to the game looking to find a low stress home to grow. Also a solid landing spot for veterans in dead guilds who need a new home, with some really great and friendly vets. Or if your guild disbands, and you and/or your friends don’t want to start a new guild all the way from level 1 again.

Reach out to me here via PM or this thread, or find me on PS4 - HiddenToots. I’ve been playing since December 2015.

Thanks, and happy gaming all!


I’m one of the veteran members of Casual Spirit! We would love to have new members join us! New players and experienced players are all welcome, as long as you’re nice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Celebrate this Independence Day by freeing yourself from that inactive guild. Or the high stress, high requirements of another. Come join Casual Spirit for a friendly and fun Gem gaming experience!

Can confirm, best club in the game.

Source: Am in kick-ass team.

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Llama and Peffsi know what’s up!

Join for some Gem Fun!

Is it possible to join a second time? Like I wish I was in the club twice as much as I am now… Kind of how you like a movie so much you wish you could watch it for the first time again…

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Happy August Everyone! New month, new guild? All are welcome! PM me or Llama or Pfessi if interested in joining!

Don’t message Llama, that guys a jerk! Plus he’s all stuck up now that he’s in that awesome guild. I forget the name but I think it’s called Casual Spirit or something. I hear they’re accepting new members now though, I should go check them out!

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