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Come be Psycho with us! We're recruting!

Our Guild Leader was eaten by dragons - as new Guild Leader I’ve cleaned out the empty dungeons & we now have room for more members!

We’re pretty casual, but dedicated enough we’ve still done well even as a “headless dragon” for a while. There’s always someone to give advice/help via chat. We know if every member succeeds, we succeed as a Guild. We welcome folks at any/all levels - we’re a mixed bunch now.

We currently need 5 members, but don’t worry if you find us full, a few other members were seen wandering unarmed into the Dungeon and if they don’t return soon, their spots will be available.

No super strict rules, but we do ask folks do at least 3 out of 4 of the following:

  • Fight regularly in Guild Wars/RaidBoss/Invasion
    *500+ Seals per week
    *75+ Trophies per week
  • 150,000 Gold per week

We have Blue Guild Statue over 100 and know with some dedicated new members we’ll get the others up to 100 soon!

Current Bonuses:
XP: 50%
Map Turns: +4
Tribute Chance: 5%
Tribute Amount: 7%
Souls: 30%
Glory: +1