Combo Breaker needs to be fixed before 2.0

The AI Combo Breaker is always off. I ran some numbers over a sample of 200 matches in each scenario;

In games it is “On”:
Player averages 8.3 Extra Turns a match
AI averages 17.5

In games it is “Off”:
Player averages 7.9 Extra Turns a match
AI averages 17.7

Statistically no real difference

Whether or not people agree with combo breaker or not, it either needs to be only implemented in the early levels, or just turned off for things like pvp and arena. Right now it’s most certainly turned off on every level (even early levels).

Fascinating. How did you calculate the player’s Extra turns? Do the matches where you turn half the board into one colour or into a whole lot of skulls still count as one Extra Turn?

4 different ways of making a match-4 in horizontal and vertical configurations.

4 different ways of making a match-5 (line, cross, L-shape, T-shape).

You’re counting the AI’s extras from the simplified match-4’s that it creates and from the match-4’s it gets dropping down from above, right? I often find I do miss a few of the more complicated Extra Turns available during play.

I just counted moves, regardless of how many Gems were matched since you only get one Extra Turn.

Also, I used the same team in every match, and it was DESIGNED to create Extra Turns. While AI had a huge variety of teams. This suggests the numbers should actually be FURTHER apart…

Combo breaker is:
New gems creating a 3+ gem match after AI takes turn, or new gems sets up a 4-gem match after player turn.

Other then a 4-chain being set up after your turn from new gems. Or 4-chains set up after AI gets an extra turn. Extra turns has nothing to do with combo breaker.

To be fair extra turns reset the combo-breaker’s clock so it is still hit and miss.

Do you have a source for that? I’m curious what the devs have said regarding the combo breaker and a clock.

@Sirrian said that when i complained about combo breaker not working on lowest difficulty half a year ago. The clock in question does not refer to time but number of times a certain event happens.

Yea, from Dec. Maybe more to combo breaker then that, but counting an extra turn because of a spell (for example) has nothing to do with combo breaker.

Since we are on the topic of combo breaker, have the devs stated if combo breaker is on or off in PVP 2.0?

It is ON for all Ranked PvP. For casual it goes by difficulty you set, so OFF if difficulty set to normal.

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We are Console players. We have no Ranked/Casual PvP. They even took Difficulty away from our PvP because the bonuses didn’t work

when did this got changed? I thought is was supposed to be OFF in ranked mode?

2.0 patchnotes:

edit: ah i see, there seems to be a misunderstanding:
OFF is when both parties have equal chances for combos (“lucky drops”)
ON is when combos are being artificially stopped for the AI

Thanks for that link. I thought I was going crazy because I remembered reading combo breaker was off for ranked PVP.