Combine all mails for guild task rewards?

Could the mails for the rewards from guild tasks be combined in a single mail with all the rewards in it?

Right now you have to open them all separately to claim your rewards and if you’re in a guild that does a lot of tasks then that’s a lot of mail opening every day…


That should be how it’s working

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I prefer them separate. It shows who contributed what that way. The separation may also be their way around the 20 task cap. What we really need is a claim all button.

They are currently divided by contributor, so as many as 30 separate mails for it.

Claim all sounds better to me too


Oh! We were just adding a fix for that as we went live - that wasn’t how it was explained to me - my mistake.

This is also how I am getting them. I would very much prefer just a single summed mail for the guild task rewards. :smiley:

Actually, 2 tasks per mail.

I just completed 4 tasks and my members got 2 mails.

@royalty is (almost) right, based on what I’m seeing…

  • tasks get paired into twos, and I get one email per two tasks with both rewards in
  • if there’s an odd number, the odd one (most recent one) comes on a separate mail and says who completed it

…which all seems rather odd… and tiresome to click through - one claim all button please!

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I don’t have this problem.
My guild is poor. :wink:


so the way around the cap was to put in the mail… now they complain cause clicking is too hard because they are getting more than the 20 mails? Wish this was my problem…


Agree, I like knowing where I am getting all the rewards from separately at a quick glance.
So a “Claim All” button would be very convenient

Followup to this request … the old (giant) popup display for all the rewards is fairly redundant and annoying now given that we can see what we’re getting already (for guild tasks and daily things). We can see it says there’s 16 Glory and 1000 Gold - we don’t need it to blow it up so we can read it better, do we?

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Thanks for fixing this today! :smiley:


Yes, great move, thanks!