Combat summary question

When does the next season begin?

NOTE: Today is the first day of spring.

What do you mean by “season”?
What is supposed to happen during a new season according to you?

OP is referring to the PvP seasons. It is a feature that is likely being held off until update 2.0 when PvP gets reworked.

Well, the only current equivalent for seasons would be… Weekly ranks I guess, but I didn’t expect someone to ask when it would be reseted as it’s… Well, a weekly thing so every new new “season” comespretty fast…

They reset every Monday (as it’s at the same time for everyonein the world, hour may vary in function of where you live. In France it’s 16h for example).

Now, the only actual seasonal thing in the game are Imps, and we do lack a Spring Imp. But there are no official informations about any troop releases other than Bunny’Nog and Venbarak (and then again, no release dates were given yet). But considering the name of the topic, I guess it’s about weekly PvP ranks…

As Tacet stated, it’s more likely about the “seasonal” column on the PvP screen. Considering it has yet to reset, and we are indeed into a new season, it seems the most likely cause for question.

Oh, right, that !
I had so forgotten about it as it’s pointless that I actually had to start the game to see what you were talking about ! My bad !

So… To answer OP… No clues ! But so far, that seasonal thing doesn’t serve any purpose…