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Color denial spells

Another idea for down the road…

A spell that when cast removes all gems of a chosen color from the board… And keeps any from spawning for set number of gems.

The number would require testing for balance, but say for argument’s sake it is 20. So if you removed 8 of that color when those 8 are replaced from about they aren’t that color and the counter reduces to 12. If it makes a 3 match then their replacements aren’t that color and counter goes down to 9. And on it goes.

You could have specific colors for certain troops, like a Blue/Green troop that blocks Reds. Or a Pacifist troop that removes and blocks skulls.

Could make for some interesting counter picks, adding a sense of strategy. Blocking yellow to keep Maw at bay, or blocking blue to make sure Mab doesn’t get extra turns.

Note: Would not prevent troop generated gems. For example if Yellows were blocked Jarl would still function normally.


Actually a neat idea that, with the right balance, would be a great strategy.

I smell a tyri (empowered mode) coming.

In the hands of a player, it would mean permanent lockdown and endless looping, unless the number of colors it could affect simultaneously was restricted. In the hands of the AI, I predict it would be only slightly less annoying than The Silent One, only because the AI is bad at looping, and it would be possible to build a strong counter team using generators.

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Agree that would have to be managed very carefully, so that only one colour ban could be in place at once.

That said, if executed skillfully it could be a nice new counter mechanic. Except that we’d obviously get one with Empowered…

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You’d be very hard pressed to maintain 2 blocks since gaining mana to cast would eat up the block counter. Also there would be many ways around it. Soothsayer generates 15 gems per cast for example. Gorgotha generates a bunch more than that. Boar rider makes 8 and keeps the turn.

If your team has the ability to loop and make sure that there are no gems of a color and that there is a block up when it is the opponents turn, chances are you don’t need the block to win anyway. It’s a delay tactic. But could also be used to remove an unused color so that your own needed colors are more prevalent. Like removing Green so you have a better chance of reaching 13 Blue for Mab.

There could also be certain troops with a Large counter but a 1-cast spell. Like a troop with a spell that removes blue and adds a 64 counter, called dehydration, but it can only be cast once per battle. Could still get around it with a Valkyrie cast though.

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