Color-code Pets by Rarity, not Level

I kinda, really want to ascribe this as a “bug report” but … technically it’s not, so in here it goes…

Anyway the other day there was some compensation sent out including 3 Orbs of Minions, so naturally I went looking for a Pet to upgrade the Rarity (level cap) on. I sorted my Pets collection by “Rarity” and … oh.


Unlike Troops and Weapons, the color border around a Pet card is dictated by its Level NOT its current Rarity (Level Cap). Viewing your Pets collection at a glance there is simply no visual indication what their Level Cap is (thus, whether they are eligible for an Orb of Minions), only their current Level. You have to click on a pet and check its upgrade screen to see if its level cap can be raised.

Can this be changed?

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For my game pets can’t ascend the level cap unless i do it myself. Then i usually level that pet appropriately.