Coin Purses and Gold Rings are literally worthless

The gold cost to invest treasure into a faction’s Hoard increases with the number of treasures spent previously on it. Thus, spending gold on anything lower than a Priest’s Chalice will only make future donations cost more, while providing much less Hoard XP for your gold than a higher treasure.

The result is that I have hundreds of Coin Purses and Gold Rings, and I have never spent them and I will never spend them.

The fix would be to decrease the gold cost for lower rarities or allow you to trade those lesser treasures for greater ones.

I’d be willing to give quite a few sacks of Coins for that chalice you have there… :smiling_imp:


Pretty sure 4.7 will force players who want legendary tasks to waste 5.2 million as a guild to get even more treasure crap that is useless to them. Sorry did I say crap?..I meant “rewards” that the “community asked for”.


I keep reading and listening and shaking my head. It’s gone from slightly painful to I’m completely befuddled as to how tight this squeeze is gonna go.

If you heat a frog up in water, ever so slowly, he never even realizes he’s being boiled alive.


That frog had its brain removed by the way.

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Hahahaha i just wiki 'ed it and that’s totally fascinating

Have you made them mythic yet? Might as well, I’ve all my treasures at mythic just because.


I refuse to turn currency into currency. So no.

They don’t belong with actual troops any more than the “Soul Forge” belongs in the “Games” section, yet both sources of stupidity exist still …

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It would make sense if a mythic coin purse would count more than a common one, in terms of gold required for hoarding. Like halving the cost (*or more)

I thought the costs for adding a new treasure troop to the hoard was based on a formula with the variable component being the level of the hoard at the time of donation and not the number of previously donated treasure troops?

That said, your overall point is still valid. Sadly, all game modes these days all have functional Orb of Growth-like drops by intentional design that only serve to intentionally slow players down from winning in those modes.

The fact that they call Soulforge a mini-game irritates me to no end…


The formula is…

Total Gold = (600 + (200 x Current Hoard Level)) x Number of Treasures


Last faction I was [insert appropriate adjective] enough to use rings only (hoard 111), and it cost somewhere between three and four million (closer to four than three), so - really not advisable and healthy thing to do.

Coin purses, though - it’s like when you see a house burning, unzip, take out and put to use your fireman in order to quench the flames.

Really? Can I experiment on a certain guild lol.

Current hoard level part of the formula being the most underhanded used car salesman part of the game.
Seriously. It’s designed to prey on ignorant players.

Nothing explains on the screen how using lower quality treasure will cost you more gold in the long run.

Now to be fair… In a time where people can’t be bothered to read ToS that they sign.

Advice does exist if the player clicks on the question mark in the corner and scrolls down to the bottom.

But…big but… Since we are ordained to only click on images like this…
When we need help. Way too many will just think it’s self explanatory. Use 5 treasures to upgrade the Hoard Quality? “Cool. Got it.”

5 common treasure later…
They truly “Got, Got.”

And before you get all “Okay. Boomer.” It’s the players responsibility to know how to play the game.
Keep in mind. The devs recently removed players ability to disenchant single copies of troops. I’ve witnessed at least 3 players who complained about this because they truly didn’t know that the troops effect their kingdom power levels. Those same players probably tell others how to play. So the ignorance spreads like fire.

The more you give players the option to play wrong. The more you should be trying to safe guard them (like the recent change to disenchantments).
Not prey on them like how treasures work currently.


I don’t think players at all realize how the formula works for upgrading the horde level and will throw whatever they think fits at it. The most cost effective upgrade path is actually to use priest chalice 5x for first 6-7 levels then use 2x sacred treasure if you have them to get to 10. I think devs know that some players will instead burn through gold using whatever looks best until they have nothing left.

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Totally agree, which is why purses and rings are just a means of wasting your chaos shards and your gold if you are naive enough to use them.