Cobra's Curse

Android, but really, all of them, I suppose)


The bug IS this weapon creates gems to itself.
There are lot of weapons like this, about 2 on every kingdom. “Deal some damage, and create mix of
6 2- colored gems for every ally from the kingdom, or this type of troop”.
All Other weapons of this type create gems which color is not exist in weapon by itself.

This green-brown dagger creates red and green gems, so it’s the only weapon, that refills itself, and this is not honest

It’s not the only weapon from that paradigm that can re-fill itself. Plumed Staff (Suncrest) does this. So does the Stone Slicer (Constructs).

This isn’t what I would call a bug. A bug is something that isn’t working as intended. This probably falls under the general heading of “not-good design”, but the weapon(s) in question is actually doing what the text says it should do.


Stone slicer is not just the same, because you hero couldn’t be a construct, as there is no approaching class, so this is like a “hidden bonus” to make this weapon be usable.
Plumed staff is the same, as Cobra’s Curse, right.
Maybe I can’t found correct words (not a bug, yeah), but I sure, this is … shortcoming, mb. This is not how it was planned and need to b changed, I suppose

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It’ll just be moved to the feedback section :man_shrugging:

Hey all,

As @Kezef has mentioned, as it is working as described, this isn’t a bug.

But I can bring up your feedback to the team! It will be moved into Feedback in case other players want to discuss this further.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:

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