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Clutch Army Guild Recruiting

Got sick of being in guilds that didn’t contribute and were there just taking up space. So I started my own and am looking for people who will contribute and make it fun and enjoyable for all involved.

As there was another guild where this came up I will say this. You should think to yourself what you think a minimal contribution is across gold, seals, trophies, and the weekly guild events before getting kicked. If you want to not be super casual, that has to be set up first. If people know what to expect, you will attract the right people and can grow together. For recruiting, don’t be too desperate in global as there are thousands of guilds and you want players, not guild hoppers. If you are freindly, even if they say no today, tomorrow new possibilities open up. Try not to poach as if other guilds need to clear up space, you may convince them to send the stragglers your way as maybe they can meet your requirements. Of course, other guilds may combine with you as well since many guilds are only maintained by a slim few, unite with them and you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Other than that good luck :grinning:

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We’d just like some solid players who are bit more than casual and not guild hoppers. Plain and simple. That way we have a good core and can all benefit as a team and enjoy the game.