[CLOSED] Looking for an active guild for 10-12 members

Good day,

We are looking to join an active guild.
Our guild struggles to recruit new members so we decided to merge with the other and possibly stronger guild.

All of us are above level 1000, contribute to tasks, do weekly events. Obviously, on the sane level of playing. We do not use discord, active enough via in-game chat.

If someone would have an interest in a decent portion of new members, I would appreciate to hear from you.

Thank you kindly in advance.

Best wishes,

hey @Stroganrog :slight_smile: :wave: am the leader of TGK family and we have 8 good guilds in our family. Am sure we can find a way to accommodate you guys if you are interested in joining into a family (am saying that because some players do not like the idea of being in a family). We have a whole range from very high-level GW Bracket 1 - bracket 2 and high gold 1,5m weekly to complete non-GW and high gold or medium gold and events and also a beginner’s guild. If you would like more details about us or our guilds, you can find us on discord at The Golden Keep or you can DM me on discord if you want (you can find me under draqarys). If that won’t be to your linking, we wish you guys all the best to find what’s best for you all :slight_smile: P.S. if you guys don’t use discord, maybe one of you can join just to get more details and maybe, if interested, to coordinate the players movement. our starter guild doesn’t need discord and the req is very tiny but of course ppl always put more than just the reqs (that was made small on purpose for when we get new players so they can also achieve the reqs)

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I will check your link. Actually we all will check
Hopefully our levels will meet at least some of your requirements :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, have a great day (evening, morning) ahead.

Best wishes,

happy to receive you Gabriel :pray: we are there to answer your questions and to show you around whenever it is at your convenience :smiley:

Hi Gabriel,

Just to give you another option, we have 9 active guilds in our family (Throne of Odin) and we would have room for all of you, between our guilds. And if it’s important for all of you to be together, we could try to move toward that over time. Our players are encouraged to move between the guilds (as openings permit) as playtime availability changes so we have players moving around all the time. Feel free to come check us out and ask any questions you might have:

Hello Kelana,

Thank you so much for your reply and information.
We will keep your family as an option and will mention as an alternative.

Much obliged.

Best wishes,

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