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[Closed] LF Top 50 Guild, which can get 40k chests at least once per month

Lvl 284 now
week incoming:
~ 500k+ gold
~ 150-250 trophies
= 1500 seals
Please attach screenshot getting 40k chests by your guild.
I’m still in guild, so write if you’re interesting.

Hi there,

We’re about to break into the top 50 (probably in the next couple of weeks).

Have a look at our recruitment page and let me know if you’d be interested :slight_smile:


Also: Current Seal status… We aim to get it most weeks but put in a concerted effort in Mythic exclusive week…

He’s not kidding about our guild putting in a more concerted effort in Mythic exclusive weeks. Check out all these guys ensuring we hit that 40K seals:

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do u still have room ?

We have 1 spot left, thread hijacker. :stuck_out_tongue: Please post your stats in our guild recruitment thread so @band1c’s thread isn’t spammed.